Thursday, 20 January 2011


No Nintendo. I will not pay £229 for the Nintendo 3DS - do you even understand the concept of the exchange rate? Clearly not otherwise you wouldn't be trying to fucking rip us off when the US price is around $249.

$249 is about £156 you asses. I don't expect an exact conversion here but come on! There's almost a £100 difference between our price and the American price. Not only that but you apparently actually tagged the thing at £240 (or so) but decided to let retailers decide on a pricing. Huh; what world do you live in where changing a $ to a £ equals a fair exchange?

No wonder you make so much money out of Europe. You fucking charge us twice the price you'd charge America.

Besides; you'll just pull your usual shit and make me wait for a game America got six months ago.

Maybe when you learn not to treat your European customers like shit I'll be more inclined to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon... but then my PSP has had so much more use than my DSLite and Wii combined anyway and I don't see that changing ¬¬ Sony aren't the best company out there but at least the PS3 and PSP are still region free; something that you've apparently removed from the 3DS.

What was wrong with it eh? Paranoid that all us Europeans you're so intent on screwing over would just import the thing from America? Even with import fees it wouldn't cost an extra £100 to get a 3DS from America.

So yeah, fuck you Nintendo. Fuck. You. I'll just go back to playing Heavy Rain: Move Edition with my PS3 Move that cost me £50 for the full kit (camera, wand and joystick) from GAME that's better at tracking what I'm doing than your fucking Wii ever was.


Armenian Twin 95 said...

I agree that Nintendo is becoming too greedy, even though I live in the US. I don't even bother buying the new handhelds because I know I'm never going to catch up. T_T The last one I got was the Gameboy Advance. xD

Darkslayer said...

Heh yeah. The trouble is that they release so many. First there was the DS. Then the DSLite, then the DSi (I've yet to see the benefits of buying that, it's not as though there's a lot of exclusive games for it), then the DSiXL and now the 3DS :/

I think Apple are copying their business frame though XD

Armenian Twin 95 said...

True. Especially with Steve Jobs taking another medical leave, Apple will need all the cash it can get.

Even before the DS, they had this problem. The Gameboy advance, SP, Micro, and I'm not even counting all of those special edition Gameboys. :/

I'm just gonna wait for them to move on from DSs so I can just buy the latest one and get the games I want then. But it'll take forever, though. :P
The last 'Nintendo' game I got for the wii, specifically made by Nintendo was.... Mario Kart Wii, in 2009? Ugh. Their third party stuff is better now.

Darkslayer said...

Definately. The DS is technically my first Nintendo handheld, before then I used to play ROMs on my GBA emulator just because I was still in school and couldn't afford a GBA.

I think the last game I bought for Wii was No More Heroes 2 and I've never even played it. I just don't have the desire to piss around with plugging in the SCART since it doesn't have HDMI (and my TV won't support composite), removing my PS3-Camera, untangling the sensor bar, fitting that on top of my TV and then going on a hunt for bloody batteries because the Wiimote drinks 'em for fun just to play a game with inferior graphics and gameplay.

I'm not knocking No More Heroes; can't wait for the PS3 version but the Wii itself is just so inferior :/ if it isn't Mario then Nintendo doesn't seem to give a shit (I've never been into Mario but it just seems like the same re-hashed game played out over-and-over).

The only reason why I haven't just sold my Wii is because I like Zelda and I know someday they'll bring out the true Zelda Wii game. Plus I have Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the collectors edition disk that came out for Gamecube.

Cooklez The Mini Ninja said...

I agree.The only thing Nintendo revolves around is Mario,which,used to be for a lot of consoles and heldhelds besides just Nintendo.But,Japan is getting greedy,even if all they make is awesome stuff.I don't buy Nintendo products,in fact,the only game I have ever played for real was SH:SM,which was horrible with the motion controls.I'm not insulting Japan,but Nintendo gives them a bad name.I love Konami,but Nintendo hurt all of Japan's game developers,and that is bad.Except for Capcom,they can go suck eggs(Figuring I hate RE and all).

I also agree that the Wii requires too much for too little.I like not using batteries got gameplay,because I have the chance of it screwing up the game.I keep my consoles separate in my game room,and my Wii is not part of the bunch.I used to have tons of Nintendo products,but then they turned into greedy scum like Apple.I still use my Gameboy,cause I love it.

Ok,that's enough.I've wrote Nintendo so many times it's stuck in my brain.

Armenian Twin 95 said...

I don't know your specific economic situation, but chargers help. I forgot if they were 20 or 30 US Dollars, but once you buy those, you won't need any more batteries.
I don't even play any real Mario games, besides the spin offs and Super Mario 64, from a decade ago. :P I agree that Mario games are just stale now.
I can't even connect the Gamecube games to the Wii. Which is a shame, because I liked those games more. :/ Mario Party 7, Mario Superstar Baseball, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pokemon Colosseum. I know I'm forgetting some games, but those are just the specific ones that I know I miss way more than any of my Wii games.

Darkslayer said...

:D it's all quite true though.

In a sense Nintendo is a lot like Squarenix (yes, I'm going there. Infinate Undiscovery, Last Remnant, Neir and Final Fantasy 13 were all a fucking joke ¬¬) - they know they're popular so they'll just continue to pump out the same old shit.

It's like Malibu Stacey... with a new hat ;)

Darkslayer said...

@Armenian Twin: Yeah I did consider buying a charger; I got one for the 360 since that's another controller that sucks on batteries (I swear, Sony were the only smart ones including a USB charger as standard but then for £429 I'd expect it to be fuckin' gold plated nevermind rechargable XD) and the charging station was as rare as gold dust around here :D

Still... at least you can go online for free as long as you have a broadband cable/wireless. Microsoft expected you to pay £60 for a wireless adaptor to use the internet without a hardwire ¬¬

Armenian Twin 95 said...
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Armenian Twin 95 said...

Sorry, I was focusing on something else and I made an out of context comment. :P

LMAO @ the gold plated comment. It made my day. :)

Darkslayer said...

Glad I could brighten your day ^_^

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