Sunday, 31 October 2010


Well I've finished. I think I just have to face facts that I'm pretty shit at doing exteriors. Ahh well!

I've tweaked a couple of things here and there since I posted pictures, most of it was just interior design crap.

These are the stairs that lead down to the tattoo parlour downstairs.

Bathroom. It wouldn't be a classy boutique without one.

The tattoo parlour downstairs in the basement.

I did a bit of play testing on this lot but my game wasn't coopreating. For some reason when I spoke to the tattooist the action kept dropping out. I sent Vincent downstairs to check the place was accessible and it was but then the tattooist went and buggered off so I couldn't try it again.
I think the problem was the chair; I'd used Moveobjects to place it further against the wall so I could fit in the drawers diagonally but I've sinced moved it. The chair is pretty much in the same place but on its proper grid and the drawers are no longer positioned diagonally. I hope that fixed the problem.

Yeah... I forgot to take a new picture.

Vincent's right at home ^_^

Right; I couldn't begin to list the location of the CC in here. Some of this CC I picked up from downloading somebody else's house. I've grabbed as much of it as I can identify from my mods folder and dropped it into the zip file.

**Note: Not all of the file names were particularly clear. Blame the CC creators since I never re-name any CC I get. I hope this is OK ^_^; I've probably put in more CC than what I have actually used; this is due to a few dodgy file names and my tendency to add a crapload of CC all at once so I never know what name spawned what object. I'm SO sorry if I missed anything.
Straight away I know that the graffiti on the wall behind Vincent will NOT be in the rar file. I couldn't find it, sorry ^_^;

I have also included CC called 'Darkslayer's Paintings'. These were my first and only venture into the TSR workshop. NONE of the artwork is mine and I haven't had permission which is why I've never officially shared it. I've used these paintings in my game a lot and I haven't had issues but if you happen to have issues with it please let me know.**

Phew! I think that's everything.

On another note how do make it so that you can have like a 'read more' link on here so people aren't forced to wait for their internet to load all my long posts?
Edit: Whoops! I forgot to mention that I've included the fully furnished lot and the shell. I'm sure there are a lot of people who'll do a better job at it than me, I'm not really a builder ^_^;

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Since the tattoo parlour was only small it didn't take me long to decorate and furnish it.

The waiting area. I know that tattoo parlours have to be hygenic and all but I've yet to seen a clinical tattoo parlour with white walls and stainless steel fittings XD

The chair of doom! :D

Random shot of some sinks ^_^


So my gym was a flop. I'm not quite sure what went wrong with it but when I play tested it my sims threw an absolute fit so it's gone now.

In it's space I've decided to start on a small project I've had in mind for some time; a boutique/tattoo parlour.

I've gotten the basic structure of the boutique down. It's currently unfurnished apart from a small fireplace but I'm liking the space so far.

I'll probably start on the tattoo parlour which is located down in the basement tomorrow.

The exterior; the terrain paints come from TSR but as that site is the devil incarnate you can also get them from APMBD. I think Cyclonesue made them (of course APMBD may also be a devil incarnate - I'll leave it to you guys to choose your poison :D)

Just a quick snapshot of some of the space. I got the wood texture from TSR. I forget who from though but it was a freebie. That stupid plant is still poking through the wall. I've moved it around about 4 times already ¬¬

The lone part I can call furnished. No CC used here. I'm planning to transfer these lots to my new computer when I get it so aside from flooring and the like I'm trying not to use too much CC because it's likely I won't be able to find it again.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I hated how bland the exterior looked on my gym and those godawful windows so I changed things up a bit. Things are pretty much the same but I scaled back the wall on the second floor and added a half-fence instead. I'll probably put a hottub on that space once I get LN.

I changed those windows. I had to, they were just too horrible. I think it looks a lot better now.

And yay! Aside from an annoying empty spot on the ground floor that I purposely left out of shot it's fully furnished! :D

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I'm still not sure why I'm fiddling around with TS3 right now when I'll be losing everything in another month or so but I've been inspired and so I've decided to create. I figure if I don't use any CC then I can just store them on the exchange before I have to completely re-install the game on my new computer.

I'm in the process of building a gym. I pretty much have the building itself finished (although there's something about those smaller windows that I really don't like). I hate the fact that it doesn't have a roof but I have difficulties making roofs with diagonal parts look good. I'd auto-roof it but that tends to look terrible as well :/

This is the ground floor. I've put in a small lap pool but aside from the two different pieces of gym equipment I have I haven't decided what to fill the rest of this place with. I made the lot a little bit too big I think... at least for my usual furnishing tastes.

Upstairs. Again I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to put in here yet ^_^;

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Busy-busy-busy~. I finally got my computer to remember it has a DVD drive after a whopping 8 reboots ¬¬ poor ol' girl.

Anyway I've been feeling rather creative lately so in light of this I've made two more new sims to live on my motel lot... that I might actually turn into a really cheap, shitty apartment complex instead since I didn't want all the rooms to have the same decor which a motel probably would.

Blair and Blaine are twins who share a room at the motel/apartment. Blair is a hot-headed firecracker wheras Blaine is ice-cold. Both are pretty nasty bruisiers.


CC List:
Default Replacement Skintone: 'Asian' MTS
Default Replacement Eyes: Subaxi
Ear Sliders: MTS
Body Sliders: MTS (you'll need to download the mod to add additional sliders to use them all)
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Hair: Peggy/APMBD
Blush: Lemonleaf
Top: Lilli
Pants: EA Store/MATY


CC List:
Default Replacement Skintone: 'Asian' MTS
Default Replacement Eyes: Subaxi
Ear Sliders: MTS
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeshadow: Ladyfrontbum (can be downloaded at MTS)
Top: Darko
Pants: MTS
Hair: Peggy/APMBD
Bonus piccie of Vincent and Blaine chillaxin'... sort of XD


I appreciate that you are getting on in years. You have been a faithful and loyal, constant companion of mine and sure, you’re noisy as hell and I have to turn up the volume of everything else just to hear things properly but that is something that I’ve always overlooked. Hell it’s your charm I suppose.

Unfortunately it seems that you’re beginning to have problems with your memory… I say beginning when really I mean that it’s becoming a major pain in the ass. I only ask you to run one game; you know that I mostly gave up PC gaming in the form of console gaming but when I sit down to play The Sims I get the same problem time and time again.

You have a very good DVD drive yet for some reason you seem to forget about this completely… rebooting can get annoying the fifth or sixth time that you have to do it but you seem to be unable to re-connect to your DVD drive when I get it to work without a reboot – where you proceed to forget about it again.

It’s gotten worse lately. Is this because you know I am replacing you for a newer, sleeker and quieter model? It’s not you; it’s me. I’m a perfectionist and a graphics whore – you have made me very happy over the years but you’ve reached your limit break and I need something that has a little more oomph to suit my needs.

So please try a little harder to remember that you have a DVD drive, stop forgetting to finish booting up so you don’t end up hanging in the black and white coding bit and stop confusing Windows XP so it tells me that ‘a serious error has occurred’ when you load up my desktop after I boot you up. If you can do this we should continue to have a nice working relationship; I would hate to fall out with you so close to the moment when we seal you in your coffin for the nice long rest that you deserve.


Saturday, 23 October 2010


Just a couple of shots of Vincent's motel room. The exterior is still very much a work in progress as is his poxy little bathroom so there's no photos of that just yet.

Friday, 22 October 2010


I made some alterations to Vincent's face and I'm pretty happy with the way he looks now so I've moved him into his little motel room.

It's late here (2:30am) so I'll get him uploaded later. For now I've taken some more piccies of my finished sim.
Edit: Download link below ^_^

Edit: Whoops! Forgot the CC list.

Default Replacement Skin: 'Asian' skin from MTS
Default Replacement Eyes: Subaxi
Ear Sliders: MTS
Hair: EA Store/MATY
Top: EA Store/MATY
Bottom: Club Crimsyn
Wound: Tifa


Thursday, 21 October 2010


It's been a while since I last created a sim and I've found that I'm a little bit rusty. So far the only thing that is 90% certain is his face; I'm pretty sure I'll keep his clothes as they are but the colours might change.

His name is Vincent; I haven't thought of a surname for him yet but that will come in time. He lives on his own in a drab one-room apartment in the seedy part of town, is unemployed and makes a living out of participating in street-fighting events... admittedly he looks a bit too nice for that kind of thing ^_^;

I finally figured out what was messing up my game. The latest store set that I downloaded from MATY didn't seem to like my game. I may have just downloaded a corrupt version or it could be because I'm not patched. I'm not sure and to be honest since I'm intending to get a new computer next month I can't be arsed to fiddle around with it that much anyway.

Edit: Blah. All of my sims are starting to look alike. I don't know how to rectify this.


I want to make a new sim. I have his image in mind and his personality, hell even a half-backstory for him.

If I can get my game working I'll be extremely happy.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Sundays suck. Generally they're really boring since I have a tendency not to want to play video games like I do during the week because time flies too quickly. Odd isn't it? I get bored on Sundays and hate them with a passion but I resent them being over because the weekends always go too quick.

It's Monday tomorrow. This I am not happy about XD

Still. The Mummy Returns is on tonight. After that I'm torn between digging out my Die Hard DVD or finally getting around to un-boxing and watching Soul Eater. I bought the DVDs ages ago but I just haven't gotten around to putting them to use yet. Speaking of; why did this series not get a Blu-Ray release? It's crazy.

I reached the top of the second block today in Persona 3 PSP. I might be a bit underlevelled - the game is being a bitch at giving me EXP. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on Normal Mode, on New Game Plus with FeMC at level 64 but it's taking forever to level up Junpei and Yukari. They're both level 13 at the moment and I went to Tartarus when Theo told me the path had opened up so... I basically have an entire month of social linking since I picked up all the crap he wanted for his quests at the same time.

I might go back and level some more but FeMC is creaming everything in sight at the moment with Garudyne so... I might leave it a bit and power level them when the game starts giving me some decent EXP or more EXP shuffle cards.

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Well despite my earlier comments I got the urge to play TS3 for a little while. I have been attempting to load my game since about 8pm. It is now 9:46pm. It seems to have frozen in one place even though the little fun facts are still changing.

Maybe it's a sign.

Stupid game ¬¬

...Sod it. I'm going back to Persona 3.

Friday, 15 October 2010


So... Persona 3 PSP is kind of consuming my life right now. FemC is just too adorable!



I did it! My hair is now officially purple.

It actually looks really cool. Near black until it hits the light and then there's a purple tint.

It's too dark to get a decent picture right now and my hair is a giant fluff-bomb anyway. If I can tame it down I'll take a pic tomorrow ^_^

Thursday, 14 October 2010


So I'm considering taking the plunge and finally dying over my dull brown hair. My colour of choice is a rather vivid yet dark shade of purple. I'm hoping this turns out OK. My last hair dye experienced involved myself, my mum and some sort of 'colour remover' that she INSISTED would only strip out the dye (red).

Of course I ended up with white roots, blond and then GINGER. It was not a pretty sight.

Fortunately it was the school holidays and I got it dyed over by a professional. I knew I shouldn't have listened to her XDDD

Provided it turns out OK I'll post a pic or something.

I am wondering if I should ask my boss though... does that sound kind of pathetic? There's a woman who has plugs (which look so cool!) and bright red hair but I'm actually on reception so.... yeah.

(but it really would be pathetic to actually ask him - especially when he has more important crap on his mind than the colour of my hair XD)


So I need a new computer. This was pretty established when it randomly went kaput about a month or so ago. The trouble is that the one I have my eye on is around £600 and I don't have that kind of money to fritter around.

I'm hoping to be able to afford it in November but blah, waiting sucks XD

Due to the faillings of my computer (the fan right now sounds like it's gasping for its last breath - poor ol' girl) and the fact that sooner or later I will be getting a new one I haven't really had the motivation to play TS3.

I don't want to get too invested in my neighbourhood only to lose it when I get a new machine. I know I could just back it up but... a part of me wants to start afresh. It means I won't have half the CC crap that I downloaded on a whim and never used but can't be arsed to get rid of.

I may still build a few things here and there and I'll continue with the modelling competition (which reminds me I need to upload Reno to the exchange; I'm not sure if I did already. Don't wanna' be losing him XD)

Monday, 11 October 2010


I actually meant to post this sooner but I forgot. This is my entry for assignment 2. The whole idea was to create a comic book cover and since I suck in photoshop and don't really read comics all that much I opted to give it more of a manga edge instead. I kinda' got a bit too into it though and made a spine and a back too but it's only the cover which is being judged.

Still I'm actually kind of worried about the competition. It's a great idea but the lack of interest is actually really getting on my nerves. Assignment 1 had a really poor turnout and assignment 2 is even worse. We've had more than long enough already to do this assignment and I made damn sure to get mine up before I went away purposely to avoid holding anything up yet only two other people have submitted their entries so far.

It doesn't take much effort to just pop in and say that you're having time issues, especially when the deadline was a fairly long one to begin with. *sigh*

I suppose that comes across as horribly bitchy but whatever. Why bother entering a competition if you can't make time for it or show an interest?


Whoa... I bugger off for a week's holiday and I find the remains of WW3 on the TS3 forums when I return. I thought that there was something unsavoury about the way Alexurt went around gifting people but not because I thought that those simpoints could be stolen.

Still... whilst morally I should find this deplorable I cannot help but want to give anyone involved in this serious props for attempting to rip EA off. Really it's just a pity that clear overusage of the exploit and far too much public showboating got them caught.

Then again... this involves simpoints and the store so EA could well have been paying attention right from the get-go.