Monday, 3 January 2011


Perhaps I've just been too optimistic about the way humanity is going recently but I really did think we were past the whole idiocy of egocentric morons wasting their valuable time to make an account on a website they have no interest in just to act like a complete tosser.

Clearly I was wrong.

Exhibit A:


Of course I only checked out their profile in the first place after they made a complete ass of themselves in this thread nevermind that they must've spent far more time writing up that little bio than I put into dolling up my entire page :/

I realize making a post like this is no doubt feeding this pathetic little puissant but fuck it. They're happy to deal out humiliation and riddicule so I shall respond in kind. Childish yes but to hell with it.

Oh and if you're sad enough to be reading this nousernamesleft then I feel it only fair to inform you that I've reported your page for vulgar language. Asteriks or not it's quite clear what you were intending to say.


Kittycattylion said...

I too have reported the page.. it's nauseating, really.

Zeri said...

wow.... its actualy quite pathetic. this person either seriously believes that pack of bullshit, or expects others to.
overcompensating much? he needs professional help

Darkslayer said...

@Kittycattylion: I wouldn't have even bothered if he hadn't been acting like such a pleb on the forums

@Zeri: I know right? Clearly he's very-very small in some areas ;)

xXAngelicEvilXx said...

Why am I reminded of Rud3boy?

LE said...

AE, Rud3Boy always eludes to the fact that he is from NY.

I reported this as well. The person is more than pathetic Dark. He's delusional and probably a little boy thinking he is oh so cool.

Pistolkitten said...

Glad someone else let some ranty mcrant out on their blog today lol.....though mine was about some chick referring to peoples comments as ignorant....when she obviously didn't know what the word meant.

Wow the people that the forum attracts....just wow

Vidkid20 said...

I reported the page as well. It really is quite pathetic!

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