Saturday, 15 January 2011


I've been in quite the simming mood this weekend so I've made another new sim; his name is Naso Teyumi.

I hit a bit of a simming block with my new guy from yesterday so he's still a WIP. I had an idea for Naso while I was making the other one and it wouldn't go away XD;



awesome_phoebe said...

He's cute! ^_^ He looks like he has that cheeky child innocence to him even though his clothes and muscles make him look like he'd beat someone up, lol :)

Darkslayer said...

Now that you mention it he does! I wanted to go for a rougher look with his clothing as opposed to the J-Rocker style I tend to adopt. Hence why I postponed finishing my other sim to work on him. He's a friendly guy though he is hot-headed XD

Darkslayer said...

...on another note I love how shit I made his apartment XDDD. I'll have some more pictures of that later. It's TINY even by my standards XD

Makes picture taking a bit difficult though since I always snap pics with the walls up.

AzaraRumohra said...

Sorry, that I'm hassling you on this but, What is skin/eyes/hair (anubis?)

Darkslayer said...

Skin = default replacement 'asian' skintone from Mod The Sims

Eyes = default replacement from Subaxi

Hair = I have no idea, I'm so sorry. I downloaded it a long time ago from the TS3 blog and can't remember where it came from ^_^;

awesome_phoebe said...

I'm pretty sure the hair is a raon conversion.

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