Sunday, 23 May 2010


Well... here we have another Sunday night drama-fest over at the Sims 3 Forum. Frankly I'm not even going to give the nonsense of his posts the time of day here, it just isn't worth it but naturally as people's frustrations grew other treads not posted by that asshat started to appear - merely harmless displays of annoyance and frustration.

At least one of those threads appears to have been deleted - a mod I assume yet that little puissants multiple spamming threads are still on the board. They started out on topic even though they were most definately spam but the recent wave have been nothing but pure, 100% spam that has had nothing to do with the Sims. They're still there.

Double standards again?

Update: Well that went well. I waited just in case they were mid-cleanup before posting my question and immediately after I posted it I go back to General and notice all the posts in question were gone. Typical eh? Now they've locked it. I don't care - it's kind of redundant since they did actually remove the posts somewhere between me typing mine and posting it but why did they lock it instead of deleting it ;_; must my humiliation remain public? XD


Name: Hiwatari Shuya
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Natural Cook, Genius, Neurotic, Kleptomaniac, Perfectionist
Custom Content:
- Eyes = Lemonleaf
- Blush = Lemonleaf
- Skintone = Mod The Sims
- Hair = Unknown, sorry ^_^;

Download here:


Lately I've been feeling like I want to do something more with the sims. Currently I'm still trying to build up my neighbourhood so it has more of a completed feel to it - the fact that it is so small makes the task seem less daunting and also means that my computer doesn't lag as badly as it would normally but building is so tedious.

I want to do something creative; maybe writing, I'm not sure. I've never attempted a true legacy before. I tried and even got a few basic chapters written out but I lacked the confidence to post it and then I got bored with the game so I ditched it all together.

This may just be a whim, I'm not sure. I get cravings like this every few months where I play the Sims obsessively in my free time but I want to branch out. I used to write although granted it would be more than a little embarassing to show anyone that crap - hell I enjoy writing but getting a solid idea that isn't ripped off from a movie or anime I've seen is hard. ^_^;

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I've decided to end my strike on the Exchange. I still think it sucks that they're culling creations that don't get enough recommendations and although recent news suggests that the webmasters are looking into what is causing the Exchange problems but I can't just ignore a resource that is so convenient.

This is my latest sim;

His name is Hei Tatsumi and his traits are party animal, bookworm, frugal, vegetarian and computer whiz.

I'm planning on making him a writer in my game but I haven't thought of a backstory for him yet.

Friday, 21 May 2010


...sometimes it's easy to forget that the board is largely dominated by a tweenage majority. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with that either. Then you get the types that see someone they percieve to be attractive and begin to fangirl over him to the point of it becoming a dangerous obsession.

I really don't get it. I mean I was never like this when I was younger; oh sure I thought that Orlando Bloom was good-looking when he took the role of Legolas in Lord of The Rings but even then I was not suddenly and profoundly 'in love' with the guy.

Really though that isn't the point of this post; we've all had friends like these people (I know I certainly have) and I don't see much harm in their little obsession provided they realize that nothing will ever happen (for one thing, this Grant guy is probably about 3 times older than them - just guessing here, I haven't even found the video that they're all swooning over yet).

No; my point is - what the hell does how sexy/hot Grant is and how jealous people are have to do with The Sims?

I thought we weren't allowed to post off topic??

Now obviously it is a bit of fun (or at least that's how it started - with a few simmers commenting that he looked good and him actually leaving a comment about it was funny) but since then these 'Grant is HOTTT!!!111ONE' threads have been appearing all over the place - and it's getting annoying.

Once again; something that has nothing to do with TS3 is being left on the board. I'll say though that it's refreshing to see the mods doing their job and starting to crowd control by directing them to one thread but in the space of barely a few hours the General Discussion forum is being flooded with this rubbish.

Sure it's about a Guru and like I said, his reaction was funny so I can see why the Gurus might be leaving it there to tease him, but an off topic thread is an off topic thread - something the Gurus conveniently have a zero tolerance policy on when it suits them :/


At the risk of frying my computer I decided to get back on there and finish the sim I've been making. I've had a few projects in game recently; I don't know if it's all the chatter about the new EP or whether it's just because I've finally gotten one of the custom neighbourhoods to work (small neighbourhood = less lag = a very happy Dark.

I realize that I keep picking up and dropping projects; previewing sims and then never uploading them. This is because:
1. I keep forgetting to export them.
2. Mediafire is being a complete bitch and won't upload anything for me for some reason.
3. My neighbourhood isn't finished (I demolished all the residential houses to make my own) so my sims have no where to live - thus no out of CAS photos.

Now Mediafire is actually letting me upload this one (hurrah!) so here we go!

Her name is Ruth Valentine. She is a young adult who is absent minded, good, friendly, a heavy sleeper and a hopeless romantic.
I'm afraid I can't remember where the hair came from. The skintone I use is the Asian skintone from Mod The Sims, her glittery eyes are from Lemonleaf and the boots are from Club Crimsyn.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


It's so hot right now... I don't handle heat well and neither does my computer. Sims 3 has been lagging badly all week and as the room takes on more heat it gets even slower.

I've got a window cracked right the way open but no breeze ;_;

It's kind of a bother because I actually have the simming bug right now; but I can't get on to do anything.

Monday, 17 May 2010


An apology has been issued today by JessDiane and her fellow partner in crime; everything became so out of hand last night and being a person who tries to believe in her fellow human beings (as futile as that may be) I have decided to take her for her word. If she is big enough to apologise on the forum she irritated so badly the night before then I am willing to accept it and apologise myself for the way I acted.

Its so easy to get caught up in the moment - especially when you're like me and enjoy a damn good snark and although I don't think I was too out of line I know that by posting I just continued to stir up the thread and there is every chance that something I said could have been taken the wrong way. It didn't help that I was getting genuinely angry, not just at them but at the fact that they were being permitted to keep re-posting even though it had been deleted when other people had been banned for less.

I'm convinced the Gurus were off last night and that it was the mod who was deleting the threads - it's either believe in that or believe that they genuinely are out to get innocent simmers in some kind of vindictive super-plot to ruin any kind of fun that the average simmer tries to have over on that forum. I'm genuinely surprised I didn't have an e-mail sitting in my inbox this morning. ¬¬

Sunday, 16 May 2010


A part of me wonders if I should feel a little bit of sympathy for people who think that by repeatedly posting a crude, foul-mouthed protest thread to incite hatred they are going to acomplish something. Then I remember all the threats and the like. I'm actually feeling pretty bloody vindictive about this.

Where the fuck are the Gurus at? They can ban someone over a dancing banana (the same dancing banana that is now obnoxiously dancing away in an oversized sig that is probably lagging everybody's internet to hell because of how many times this asshat has posted) but they refuse to take action against a trio of assholes parading themselves around the forums like they're the goddamn messiah, the answer to our prayers who post in a crude manner of childish insults and swear words.

When are the Gurus going to ban someone who damn well deserves it!?

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Sitting here watching Die Hard I find my gaze wandering back to those little red fish and I wonder if it is possible to overfeed them. I know they are just a bunch of pixels programmed to act that way but I always find myself feeling a little bad when I forget to feed them. I think it's because I have real Koi and much like those little virtual fishies they too act like starving Piranahs when I drop a little food in there.


I had my very first protest today. About Llamas. I don't know what Llamas ever did to those sims but boy they looked pissed ;)

Friday, 14 May 2010


I created him a while back but as I wasn't completely happy with him I never actually uploaded him anywhere. Much tweaking later I'm finally pleased with what I have come up with and now offer him as a download.

His name is Vash Zephr and he is an alien. His jacket is from the HELS pack, his pants are from Club Crimsyn and his hair is from Peggy, his sparkly eye contacts are from Lemonleaf and his skintone is one of the multi-tone ones from Mod The Sims, the elf ear sliders I used to get the effect I wanted are also from Mod The Sims. I'm fairly certain that everything else is store content.
I'm so sorry! I can't remember where his headphones and ipod came from ;_;

Be nice to him ^_^

...aaaand mediafire isn't working right now. Bugger.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


So I just heard the news that Vidkid20 has been banned. Whilst I didn't know her personally I always found her posts to be humourous and harmless.

When are the gurus going to wake up and ban the people that actually deserve it?

At times I really think that EA want to run their own business into the ground ¬¬


...yes. I admit it. I fail. I fail at keeping a blog up to date.

I really suck ^_^;

After being bored of the sims for goodness knows how long and being busy with work and some vague attempts at having a social life that were surprisingly successful I've gone back onto my Sims game.

His name is Satoshi. I currently have no idea what his personality will be like but I think 'daredevil' is a given.