Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The dress fits! I'm over the moon right now.

Alas some VK pants that I also bought with shitloads of buckles and straps do not. Apparently in that style a Japanese XL is the equivalent of a UK size 10 ^_^;

I am a UK size 14 (although when it comes to "alternate" clothing I find I often have to size up to a UK size 16 ¬¬ clearly punk comes in smaller sizes XD) - needless to say I couldn't even pull them on over my hips.

Ahh well. I have some other VK pants that aside from having a busted zip (that I can get fixed) fit really well. Now all I need is some white Creepers or a pair of high platform Demonia boots ^_^ - I'll probably go for the boots since whilst I do like the design Creepers strike me as being a bit overpriced for what you get.

I might take a photo of me in the dress this weekend, I dunno though because I only have my camera phone.


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