Wednesday, 30 June 2010


No title for this post as it is a post of nothingness. I figure I really should do more with this blog aside from posting my sims and buildings all the time so here we go. This is my attempt at doing something else.

Unfortunately I'm still relatively new to blogging in that sense; I'm used to posting things - I used to make icons way back when, I fangirl a little over video games, manga and anime but in general I fail epically at keeping up with stuff like this. I'm not witty or all that funny. Basically I bitch a lot.

But then some of you who know me be it IRL or from the forums already know of my snarky/bitchy nature ^_^; (I am nice IRL - honest! I'm just a very opinionated person XD)

Off work in another two days, woo! I'm looking forward to the time off (as well as having the house to myself - it's a sad life when you're 22 years old and excited about the fact that your parents are going away for the week ^_^; ) but I'm going to make sure that not even this damn heat ruins my week off.

Ahh a week of sitting on my ass playing video games - wonderful.

I still have to learn my Korean. Got my grading for my green stripe in Taekwondo next Saturday.


I've been back on my game again to half-finish another house. I wanted to add a little variation aside from the sterile grey urban houses I had been building so I thought of this little building for the suburbs.

Just a shell at the moment because my computer was overheating but I should get the interior presentable next time I go on the game.

New sim ^_^ Hikari Konishi. She is a very eco-friendly girl living in an urban nightmare.

Then I decided to make her sister Saki Konishi. She's a disciplined young woman who has a no-nonsense attitude towards... pretty much everyone. Cross her and she'll kick your ass.
Both sims can be downloaded from my studio:

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Wow learning Korean is a bitch, even if I only have to learn the words associated with my taekwondo it's still bloody difficult ^_^; I'll have to ask my instructor tonight how to say a few of the words. I've written them out but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pronounce them.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Ngh...! It's so hot. People may love the warmer temperatures but I'm adament that England should never, ever have to endure the kind of heat that it is. We're not equipped for it, we're too humid and it makes me feel disgusting.

Not only that but it makes my computer overheat when I play TS3 - this is NOT cool!

Saturday, 26 June 2010


I finally fleshed out one of the apartment buildings I had made and then promptly moved this guy in as an attempt to bring a little bit of life to Twinbrook. His name is Ryutaro and he is an ambitious young musician who wants to 'make it big' in the music industry. His dream is to become a world-renowned rock star.

He lives in a tiny split level apartment in the centre of downtown Twinbrook. His next-door neighbour is a reclusive artist who is rumoured to be very pretty.

Friday, 25 June 2010


Ngh it's so damn hot right now. I'm not built for temperatures over 20 degrees ^_^;

I did make another sim tonight though. Someone else to populate my town whenever I finally finish it. At this rate I may just finish off one section and build as required.

In other news; look Ma! I learned how to make tattoos ^_^ go me!

Unfortunately it is my new sim who has to bare it all in her underwear... and thigh-high socks apparently. I wonder if those would've disappeared had I wanted to give her an ankle tattoo... :/

Thursday, 24 June 2010


So I demolished that school in the end. I know it's a waste but the more I thought about it the more I really didn't like it ^_^;

I've been on the game a bit today though; made a couple of new sims. I haven't planned out their backstories yet though.

Hopefully I'll get a lot of the neighbourhood done by the end of this weekend then I can finally start playing, I want to move in some of my little simmies but I know the minute I do I'll become incredibly frustrated and unhappy with my work and start over, again. I'm sick of doing that ^_^;

I also built another apartment complex; I haven't quite finished the exterior but I'm pretty happy with the structure as a whole.

Also, am I the only numpty who has a problem with layout on blogger? It seems that whenever I make a post there's spaces where I don't want them etc so nothing is cohesive. It bugs me.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I'm undecided about whether I actually like this or not. I spent a lot of time on it though it probably doesn't show but my tendency to hate every big build I've done is rearing its head again. It supposed to be a school... though I think I did lose sight of that at some point when I started messing around with things. It's just a shell at the moment but there's just something about it that looks so bland and blah...

It doesn't help that I couldn't think of anything to do with all that empty exterior space and as the little community lot post things crash my game I had to stick the real school downstairs in the basement. Being the idiot that I am I had no idea I couldn't make stairs from a foundation down to a basement - seriously though, why can't we do this? So I wound up making a seperate building just to conceal the damn stairs that I had intended to be in the school building (so they would already be concealed). Even then the stairs did not want to place themselves in a decent place. Ugh

I might demolish this still, I don't know... I hate building big lots but I wanted to give it a shot whilst I was inspired.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Did a bit more building today in my game. Nothing finished enough to show just yet. I'm making a school to fit in better with my neighbourhood than the rabbithole one but I'll probably just leave it as a shell. The lot is kind of big and I hate trying to furnish something so huge. Still I may just deck out one room so I can use it for photos when I get around to actually playing my game.

Heh, I'll go to all this trouble and then either get bored halfway through or unleash simmies upon the neighbourhood only for them to completely ruin it.

Maybe I'll make a backup neighbourhood once I'm finished... so I can start anew if it does get mucked up.

On another note that is surprisingly not Sims related for a change; it would've been nice of HMV to tell me that they were increasing the BluRay box set I preordered from £14.99 to £25.99 - seriously, what did you think would happen? Ugh. Most websites I use honour the price I preordered at or at least notify me of a price change, HMV? Nope. They almost double the price and don't utter a word of it. I wouldn't have even realized if I wasn't looking for something else in the same series.

Unfortunately it looks like I've accidentally deleted my original confirmation e-mail from them that would've given me a good argument to go and kick their damn asses (via e-mail; the nerd's 'drive by argument' ;) ) so I have no proof as to what the original price was.

Eh, I'm not that bothered. I don't think it's worth the money, I'll cancel the order. No big deal, I'll get it later in the sale but seriously - isn't it a requirement for companies to notify their customers of price changes?

Monday, 21 June 2010


Ugh. Real life has been completely kicking my ass lately. Still; I'm not sure if it's just the stress or something completely unrelated but I've been really inspired to build lately. So much so that I've demolished everything in Twinbrook. I may come to regret this decision.

Still for now, I'm having fun ^_^

This is the new laundromat. I think the interior is a bit too squeaky clean so I may re-do it with some grungier textures, at the moment I do like it.

An apartment building; just a shell at the moment, I'll probably furnish it and stuff once I move someone in.

Another apartment building. Again it's just a shell at the moment.