Monday, 28 February 2011


I finally finished my Malkavian. His name is Xaki Kurasawa ^_^

Download link:


...alright; when exactly did the comments page on the TS3 website become an excuse to freakin' advertise everything going? I don't mean to cause any offence here but I'm getting really tired of having my comments spammed by people who want me to read their legacies/watch their movies etc.

These days whenever I see that I have a new comment it's from somebody posting a link to something they want me to look at in such a way that it's clear it was just a mass copy and paste job to anybody who'll accept their comment.

I don't mind being asked to look at something! But that is entirely different!

There's a huge difference between a friendly suggestion and blatant fucking advertising and it's getting on my damn nerves! I'm sure I don't even get it as badly as other people do either. I mean I would never dream of spamming each and every one of my friend's comments pages with links to my latest sim or house so why the hell do they do it to me? ¬¬

Sunday, 27 February 2011


I've really been feeling creative lately and I'm not sure why. This is a house I've finished building today, it isn't furnished yet but I'm not quite sure which of my sims is going to be living here so I've left it for the moment.

I'm thinking of adding a basement with cages and using this as my vampire hunter sim's home but I haven't decided yet.

I'm not sure what's come over to me, this is the second large house (large for me) that I've built in two days :/

Download Link:

Aside from the terrain paint I used this is a CC-free build.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


This is Chloe Rivers; she's a mother of one and a vampire hunter in the evening... that is until she began to question her motives when she falls for a local Malkavian vampire despite the ring already on her finger.

...yeah I came up with a backstory for a change XD

I also forgot to actually export her ¬¬ go figure. I want a better picture anyway for the exchange.


I finally finished that house. It's uploaded on the exchange


So I've started furnishing the interior of the house I made. I'm actually thinking of putting this one up on the exchange... time will tell though :D

I still have a lot to get done mind you; there's the kitchen, the other bathroom, the master bedroom and the balcony and I'm too distracted with Lost Odyssey to finish those up now ^_^


Ugh! One of these days EA will make a set of damn curtains that actually fit the bloody windows! I'm so sick of having bare-ass windows but absolutely NONE of EA's will actually fit them!

I did used to have a pretty neat set of blinds modelled off the ones already in the game that would fit to any window but they've been taken down now which sucks; I have another set of blinds that do the same thing that are made of wood but TBH they look pretty shit. I mean they're certainly better than anything I could make for sure but I still don't like the look of them.

Seriously EA, would it have been so fucking hard for you to make the curtains fit to the fuckin' windows!?

Friday, 25 February 2011


Just a small update tonight of a house that I built. I've downloaded the Late Night edition of LA although I had to patch up to get it to work. I took this as an opportunity to also remove the awesomemod since I had to start again anyway.

I haven't furnished the interior yet ^_^;

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Just a short post on this; I'm not going to speculate why the Mares have made their blog private because it isn't my place to do so, I just really hope that nothing serious has happened and that they are OK.


I shouldn't be doing this but this idea is driving me crazy so what the hell.

I present the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines modelling competition!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


So I'm thinking of starting a modelling competition. Not right now since I'm swamped but when things start to settle down a bit so I can dedicate some time to it.

I've had this epic idea for a while now and I really want to give it a shot. Late Night will probably be a requirement though.


Well at least I've managed to get one shoot done today ^_^;

I feel bad for dropping the Beauty Modelling competition but I'm just too busy right now to keep up with all 3 competitions.

I had to do a music video for a re-make of a movie. I decided to pick The Matrix because I absolutely love that movie. I think my favourite scene aside from the chase through apartments and the epic finale in the hallway (that would've been impossible to do with all 4 sims) was the battle in the subway when Neo decides to stand and fight instead of running.

I started out replicating that scene; then I realized that the challenge wasn't to reinact it, just to do a video for it so I came up with this ^_^

Funnily enough I don't actually HAVE a Matrix pattern in my game ^_^;


I'm so annoyed right now. Turns out Vanity is due a lot sooner than I thought; I have no idea why I thought it was longer but whatever. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with some thing decent and all I have is a load of shit. No pictures but quite frankly I wouldn't submit them even if I had taken some because it's shit.

When it comes to fucking romance - even with an edge I get an idea block. Romance and I do not gel. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Fortunately there are others who haven't submitted yet but considering all I have is a load of fucking SHIT it's highly unlikely I'm going to submit anytime soon.

A part of me wants to drop just because everything I'm doing right now isn't worth me looking at it let alone being judged ¬¬

I wont. But I have no damn clue what I'm going to do. I don't want to be eliminated for this but I have no doubts that's what'll happen.

FUCK. I bloody HATE romance shoots ¬¬

I just don't have time for this either. I think I'll have to drop one of the competitions.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Just a few brief snapshots of builds I've been doing in my town.

I should stop procrastinating and do those modelling competition pics since I've got 3 that've lined up all at once but there's just something so... off-putting about doing a romance themed shoot, I suppose it's just because the whole lovey-dovey business just isn't my thing ^_^; ahh well, I'll get them done before D-Day (at least Vid gave me an edgy/gritty take on it which helps me a lot!) and modelling is all about pulling off the shot even if it's something that isn't your style. I actually have a pretty solid idea for Battle of the Bands but that requires me to build a rather specific set... so I haven't gotten around to it yet.


I did it! I beat the Warrens! No more head/vagina monsters for me! Yay!

Also went to see Paul today. I'm so glad I did; the movie itself is hilarious and Paul is such a great character. I think I might have to download it until it comes out on Blu Ray so I can watch it again ^_^

Anyway! I felt inspired today so I finally finished an apartment I had been working on.

It's set over two stories but it's still on the small side like all my builds. There are a few other livable spaces too, about 4 or 5 I think but only 2 are actually set over 2 levels.

I might put this one on the exchange, I'm not sure :/

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I'm on a bit of a downer with The Sims at the moment. I'm not sure why but I'm finding myself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with it. I think it's because my game has been particularly uncooperative recently despite avoiding that new sorry excuse for a patch and not actually putting any new CC in since I last played properly.

Maybe it's all the forum negativity getting me down, but to be honest a lot of the people sounding off and complaining seem to be making a good point - which is why my posts have always been rather supportive of that.

It doesn't help that I've been completely obsessed with Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines ^_^;

Hopefully I'll get some simming done this weekend. I still haven't done that part with the head/vagina monsters in VTM... they scare me so much which is absolutely pathetic but they seemed designed to make you jump out of your chair XD

I'm thinking of doing a Lets Play of VTM while my friend from Somerset is here in May. I've always wanted to do one.


I made a post almost two weeks ago about my epic boots of epic... well they still haven't arrived ¬¬

I've ordered them again from another site and I'm going to contact my credit card company this weekend and get them to refund me my money. I think there has been some kind of admin error. I got my dispatch e-mail but it's been 10 days, should've only taken 5 at the most and on top of that the site is no longer listing that shoe in my size so... chances of recieving them are slim to none since I actually doubt they've just gone AWOL in the post. Ugh - first and last time I'll be using that website I'll tell you, I don't drop £150 on shoes lightly.

Funnily enough I wouldn't have used them in the first place had I realized that my usual haunt (a website called Kinky Angel which is brilliant for punk/rock attire) sold New Rock and at a much cheaper price. Go figure.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Alright. Now aside from actually being somewhat irritated at all the Valentine's Day couples hogging all the seats at the cinema so I couldn't go to see Paul (the movie)... I still wish y'all a happy V-Day ^_^

VTM: The Warrens...

I don't want to go to the Warrens! :(

I've seen two Lets Plays of this game and I know damn well that the Warrens is not a place I want to go to because it has those fucking creepy-as-hell head/vagina monsters. They scare the shit out of me!

Ocean house I surprisingly didn't find scary despite what other people have said... but ugh those monsters...


...I'm tempted to cheat and use invisibility so they can't see me. At least that way they shouldn't lunge out at me like ravaging lunatics. I could see if Obfuscate will work but the trouble is that the Warrens is stupidly long (think of the dreaded 'sewer' level from many RPGs - that's the Warrens) and being underground there's no source of blood besides rats, so I'd just end up prompting an extremely unwanted Frenzy if I tried and I still wouldn't be able to hide from them all the time anyway.

I swear if the Nosferatu weren't so cool (and if it wasn't a main plotline requirement) I would so not bother with this bit ¬¬

Friday, 11 February 2011


Not much to say at the minute since I'm craving to play more Vampire the Masquerade but I really did need to get this done, so I've dedicated most of the day to setting things up. I used my club that I built yesterday - initially tried with more sims but it just didn't work ^_^; as always, styling them took far longer than it really shoud have XDDD

Thursday, 10 February 2011


I've trashed my town and started again. I'm not quite sure why but I just got very bored with it. Actually it's rather typical of me, but I want to see a mass building project through damnit!

The trouble is, when I leave a town for so long, I start to lose my connection with it and the inspiration I had, so when I finally do go back to it, I can't build anything anyway.

So this is my new town. I've built an apartment so far (inside one of the EA shells) and then the idea struck me of a little, hidden away nightspot situated in a rough area of town on an empty lot.

...and so the club I have not yet christened with a name is born XD.

I may have gotten carried away with the blue. Ahh well. Actually there was something I was wondering; is there any way of sampling the strobe lights etc WITHOUT having to take a sim there? I ask because I don't want to move anybody in yet but I would like to see how the effects look. Plus it's a pain in the ass to drag a sim down there only to realize the effects you envisioned just didn't happen.

Tch, this is why EA should let us modify community lots while our sims are there :/

Edit: I'm thinking of using the exterior for my Battle of the Bands shoot. I'm not sure yet though. Right now I'm still trying to work my head around potentially controlling more than 8 sims. I know I can rig up that many sims with the awesomemod but whether I'm being too ambitious remains to be said... I could just green-screen a bunch of sims and edit them in but then I'd have to faff around with resizing, shadows etc and I've never done shadows before.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Malkavians are so awesome. I think that had I had friends who were into tabletop RPGs I may well have played this game... and picked Malkavian, though I doubt I would've done it justice. Their insanity is less about bunny rabbits and more about razorblades XD

I really do wish that Officer Chunk would stop flirting with my character though. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a female or because I seduced him into giving me blood back in Santa Monica... but he keeps making these comments - the disturbing thing is that they aren't even sleazy, that I could take since my girl is currently walking around in a thong, a semi-open shirt, chaps and a cowboy hat. No. He keeps inviting her to join him as he ploughs his way through a box of krusty cremes XDDD;

Saturday, 5 February 2011


I'm toying with the idea of doing a sims story... well more like a blatant rip off of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines which has completely consumed my life over the past couple of weeks but I'm not too sure if I'd be able to pull it off.

I attempted a Legacy once but I never really got into it. I get writers block easily but hopefully with a plot already in place for me... well maybe it'll be easier.

I'll have to see. I of course do want to add my own twist to it rather than just ripping it off completely (besides, a lot of the events don't lend themselves to be written since this is a video game I'm talking about).

Hmm... I'll think about it.

I'm also somewhat concerned about doing it justice. I've only watched a Lets Play online; I'm downloading the game now but whether it'll work or not is another matter since it wasn't exactly bug-free when it first came out and that was in 2004. This game is based off a tabletop game, so I want to get all my facts straight since I've never, ever played tabletop in all my life.

I'm just completely in love with the vampire lore... and the Malkavian clan XD


I haven't made a new sim in a while. He's been sat in my library half finished for the longest time but I finally felt inspired to finish him off.

His name is Mitnick Ealrian and he's a vampire ^_^

Download Link:


My entry for the Beauty Modelling competition. I had to depict something that my sim does in the present - so I made him a Mixologist ^_^

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Before I turn in for the night I had to show off these:

I bought them today. They look so freakin' cool. I can't wait for them to arrive. Alas I had a bit of a fail moment; I neglected to check out a familiar haunt of mine (a website called Kinky Angel that sells alternative/rock/punk/goth/j-rock etc clothing for the UK) and as a result paid £25 more for these shoes than I needed to.

Ahh well. I still didn't pay full price for 'em. There's this design, a knee-high version with laces or chains (the chains are slightly more expensive) and another two designs with a higher platform, but IMO the hole cut into the rear looks really off centre with the rest on the higher platforms, since its set higher up into the shoe.

I dunno, I just love 'em though. Going to be heavy as fuck to walk around in - I've never owned a pair of New Rock boots before but I've tried them on in the past. Maybe this'll help me lose a few pounds or tone up my legs XDDD


Sorry I haven't been updating much lately. I haven't been well recently and I just haven't felt like simming. It'll pass. I have booked a couple of days off work starting Friday next week, so maybe I'll have something to show then.

I think I'm getting a damn cold too. Great :/ - I blame the people on the bus. They were scheming against me to give me the latest wave in cold viruses ¬¬

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Next time, y'know just to be a little different why don't you give us a patch that actually fixes something that is bloody IMPORTANT!?

Two things. Two. You've got to be fucking kidding me.

I've got Nraa's Overwatch Mod dealing with the overspawnage of cars that YOU caused for a second time.

I have to tolerate hours of jerky gameplay due to a freezing glitch that is caused by YOU (fortunately unlike a lot of users, this problem for me fixes itself eventually, but it's a pain to play until it does since it freezes every few seconds)

My sims are constantly pissed off due to a bugged moodlet that is caused by YOU

...and all you can offer me in exange for ponying up FUCK knows how much money over the years (I've been buying Sims games since the original basegame so I highly expect to have ploughed at least £500 into the series as a whole) is a lousy patch that fixes two issues that I have NEVER seen anyone complain about on the forum!?

What kind of jacked up world do you bloody live in EA? Really! I would honestly like to know so I can enlighten your deluded minds to the REAL world.

Keep pissing on your customers EA and soon you won't have any of them left.