Thursday, 27 January 2011


My entry for Vanity assignment 5. I had to depict a zodiac sign - I decided to pick Pisces. I don't think this is one of my better shoots but at the same time I'm doubtful I can do anything better. Hopefully I'm just being a perfectionist and imagining flaws where there aren't any.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I actually made him from the same template EA sim I used to make Shinu. I created Kaiji first (hence why their eyes are so similar) but because I hadn’t moved him into my game yet I abstained from uploading him.

I’m sorry that the pictures lack my usual style, I wasn’t feeling too well when I moved him in so his house isn’t furnished yet. I just posed him in front of the pretty wallpaper XDDD

Unlike Shinu, Kaiji is much softer and calmer. I did toy with the ideas of making them lovers because in my head they’re the complete opposite of one another – I still might actually, but for the time being he lives in a small Japanese-inspired suburban house away from the skyscrapers.

Funnily enough I was going to name him Kanji Tatsumi but I try not to steal both forenames and surnames from the same character. For anyone whose interested Kaiji is the name of a Japanese DVD released over here in the UK called Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler. It wasn’t half bad either… if rather cheesy XD

Download Link:

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The dress fits! I'm over the moon right now.

Alas some VK pants that I also bought with shitloads of buckles and straps do not. Apparently in that style a Japanese XL is the equivalent of a UK size 10 ^_^;

I am a UK size 14 (although when it comes to "alternate" clothing I find I often have to size up to a UK size 16 ¬¬ clearly punk comes in smaller sizes XD) - needless to say I couldn't even pull them on over my hips.

Ahh well. I have some other VK pants that aside from having a busted zip (that I can get fixed) fit really well. Now all I need is some white Creepers or a pair of high platform Demonia boots ^_^ - I'll probably go for the boots since whilst I do like the design Creepers strike me as being a bit overpriced for what you get.

I might take a photo of me in the dress this weekend, I dunno though because I only have my camera phone.

Monday, 24 January 2011


So I ordered this dress a couple of days ago. I'm going to the after party of my friend's brother's wedding (don't ask ^_^; ) but I had like, zero formalwear options. I figure this dress warrants the £70 price tag given how gorgeous it is. I just hope it fits me. I have a DD bust and I'm curvy, Japanese clothing can be quite unforgiving size-wize. - this is the link for anyone whose interested. They've started stocking a few pieces like this that I'm totally in love with.

Edit: Aww Pixiknix are so sweet. I've also ordered a £50 pair of visual kei pants over the weekend, they've e-mailed me that due to the high value of my order they're sending them both out together via special delivery. Damn I love that site.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


I’m really not sure what’s been wrong with me lately – I’m on a bit of a creative streak. I’ve actually made two new sims but I’ve only moved one into my neighbourhood so far hence why I’ve only uploaded the one.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve started watching Gantz but I seem to be going through a streak of making shady-looking characters IMO.

His name is Shinu Utaraki and he lives in a crummy apartment complex in what is essentially a room with a bathroom.

Download Link:

This is the apartment building he lives in

Saturday, 22 January 2011


This is the guy I was in the process of making about a day or so ago. As you can see I've changed his hair colour and made his skintone slightly less pale (it probably doesn't show up too well on the photos due to the lighting ^_^; ).

I need to stop using the Club Dance to make sims pose ^_^;

Friday, 21 January 2011


Session 3 is a shot taken from a music video. At first I really had no ideas for this one since all the j-rock videos I watch either just have the band playing (Despairsray do this, as do Girugamesh and Abingdon Boys School ¬¬) or the video is so damn complex I haven't a hope in hell of mimicking it without some serious editing (the puppets in Despairsray's Redeemer video)

So I did what I always do; fucked around with the animations in debugger. I vaguely knew what look I wanted but it was just getting the animation to match. Working with 4 models is still a pain in the ass but it's a lot of fun. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to make Niwa sit at the snake charmer basket before I got this shot - I either paused just after the perfect sitting pose I wanted or Fuuka/Mihoki were doing something really shit XD

Amusingly, I discovered this little gem whilst fucking with the animations:



I was making Mihoki change into his next outfit for Session 3 of Vidkid's Battle of the Bands when this happened. Heh, fail.


Those of you who've been hitting up the EA Forum over the past couple of weeks or so have probably noticed a user named Nallykrunk who has quickly skyrocketed herself to fame for all the wrong reasons.

She started out spamming the general discussion board with numerous crude and offensive topics about her fat sims and their bodily functions. Needless to say it did not go down well; nor did her reaction when she claimed that everybody who found it offensive had to be just as disgusting, blubbery etc as her sim.

A day or two after this nonsense, she posted an apology. Fair enough; we all act like a div at some point or another so I accepted this and moved on. The same evening or possibly the day after she was back posting more of the same crap.

She was soon temp-banned. Good riddance.

When her temp-ban was up she came back, posted more of the same bullshit and was handed another temp-ban. Apparently she said that she thought the topics were funny and that she would try her best not to post anything like that again - but her words seemed to suggest that she had trouble controlling herself.

She came back again spouting more apologies that the community found difficult to accept - myself included. I'm not proud that I took part in what was essentially baiting her and yes, I said on several occasions that I would be fucking happy when she got her third and final ban but then she toned it down, started posting on topic and minus an innocent slip (using the slang term 'nut house' for an insane asylum that probably wouldn't have had the same cry of outrage had she not gained quite the nasty reputation) she seemed to be behaving herself.

The baiting continued though. To me it seemed to be making her irrational and emotional - they were just goading her into saying something bannable and I didn't think that was right. By this point in my eyes she really was trying to make up for her past deeds, so I stuck up for her.

Tonight she posts more bullshit about her smelly sim, using offensive terms and generally making up a load of nonsense that doesn't even happen in game anyway. Now I don't want to offend anyone here... but it's as though she is two different people. She claims that she is 20 years old but IMO she posts more like she's between 8 and 13; her posts vary greatly from being rational and hell, fun to emotional to extremely offensive. Either she's a good little manipulator, two different people on one account or... well I don't know. Something just doesn't seem right :/

I mean a couple of nights ago she took a lot of flack from the community and it just seemed to... break her. I felt so bad for her.

I'm torn between thinking she's a troll and treating her as such or continuing to stand up for her and plead her case. As it is I've left a post in her latest thread just telling her that I'm disappointed but I have reported her again.

I just can't make my mind up as to whether I should condemn her or be sympathetic.

Edit: Whatever - I'm done with her. I know I'll feel bad if it turned out she was being genuine but I'm not about to keep giving her the benefit of the doubt when I think I'm being played :/

Thursday, 20 January 2011


No Nintendo. I will not pay £229 for the Nintendo 3DS - do you even understand the concept of the exchange rate? Clearly not otherwise you wouldn't be trying to fucking rip us off when the US price is around $249.

$249 is about £156 you asses. I don't expect an exact conversion here but come on! There's almost a £100 difference between our price and the American price. Not only that but you apparently actually tagged the thing at £240 (or so) but decided to let retailers decide on a pricing. Huh; what world do you live in where changing a $ to a £ equals a fair exchange?

No wonder you make so much money out of Europe. You fucking charge us twice the price you'd charge America.

Besides; you'll just pull your usual shit and make me wait for a game America got six months ago.

Maybe when you learn not to treat your European customers like shit I'll be more inclined to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon... but then my PSP has had so much more use than my DSLite and Wii combined anyway and I don't see that changing ¬¬ Sony aren't the best company out there but at least the PS3 and PSP are still region free; something that you've apparently removed from the 3DS.

What was wrong with it eh? Paranoid that all us Europeans you're so intent on screwing over would just import the thing from America? Even with import fees it wouldn't cost an extra £100 to get a 3DS from America.

So yeah, fuck you Nintendo. Fuck. You. I'll just go back to playing Heavy Rain: Move Edition with my PS3 Move that cost me £50 for the full kit (camera, wand and joystick) from GAME that's better at tracking what I'm doing than your fucking Wii ever was.


Just some random pictures taken from my town. I'm using a pre-made world... Redcliff I think it's called.

I'm gradually replacing the pre-made buildings with my own. It's taking a long time and it's a pain in the ass because I suck at building.

I placed the skyscrapers and made a lot of the houses, but the community lots were made by the world's creator.

Actually while I'm on the subject; why do the houses in the distance look like this? I have all my graphics maxed ¬¬

I've also been working on a new sim. I was in an anime mood (this is what happens when you binge on Fullmetal Alchemist) so I decided to try and make Roy Mustang... got annoyed because it wasn't working out (I think the random generated sim was defective, there's some weird stuff going on with his mouth that I just can't fix and his ears seem extremely low even though there are no sliders for ear height ¬¬) so in the end I kind of tweaked him a bit more and turned him into an original sim.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Ngh! I wish my stupid hair would dry so I can go to bed. I have naturally wavy hair, I'm too lazy to dig out my hairdryer and if I don't straighten it before I go to bed I won't be able to do a damn thing with it tomorrow morning ¬¬

It's 12:18am. I am tired. DRY!


Right! I'm taking bets on what EA will break this time with their latest scheduled maintanance. ;)

I mean there are so many things for them to screw up; the forum (even more), nuking threads (again), the security (again), the exchange (again) or something new and equally irritating. Only time will tell. One thing is for certain though - I bet the store doesn't break.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Ugh... leaving me alone with a four-pack of Wispas is NOT a good idea *groan*

Sunday, 16 January 2011


My entry for Vanity Cycle 2 - Assignment 4. The challenge was to do a sportswear ad; these days sportswear doubles up as streetwear and a lot of the big companies (Adidas, Nike etc) market towards this whilst keeping the clothing practical for actual sports... so I went with a simpler shot with a sleek-ish design.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


I've been in quite the simming mood this weekend so I've made another new sim; his name is Naso Teyumi.

I hit a bit of a simming block with my new guy from yesterday so he's still a WIP. I had an idea for Naso while I was making the other one and it wouldn't go away XD;



My entry for Battle of the Bands assignment 2. I had to show what my band gets up to in their dressing room/after a gig ^_^


...I think I am in love. I had no idea that they would be this talented live ^_^

Friday, 14 January 2011


My current WIP sim. He doesn't have a name yet. I'm not sure how much I'll change him. I love that hair and his lil' goatee but he's looking quite a bit like Vincent at the moment ^_^;

I went to town on my... uhh town today ^_^ I wanted it to have a country-ish Sotoba/Inaba feel but I love those skyscrapers so I've split it into two districts. The below picture is a Laundromat I threw together on the quick.

I still suck at building XD


...I am fucking speachless right now. O.O

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Just some random shots of the house I made for Tohru:

...and a new sim. Initially she was going to be a self sim of me (I've dyed my hair again recently) but I just couldn't get it to look anything like me (-and I'm certainly not as skinny as my sims XD) so I decided to just take what I had done and flip it back to my usual style.

Her name is Rei Kusanagi. I'd do a CC list and all that but TBH I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight ^_^;

I'm subconsciously turning my town into something out of the anime Shiki. So I've been turning a lot of sims into vampires XD

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Ha! Ha! I can't believe this. I entered in a fight against Shadow Naoto with barely any health left and no SP. I wasn't expecting to win - I'm playing on beginner's mode so I can get New Game + and I always did prefer the social links side to the dungeon crawling.

Well at level 55 I got 3/4 of the way down the health bar before MC finally died. I was so amused, especially since I was just using the 'rush' option :D

Heaven is next. Ugh... this is the big test for me because I completely lost interest last time because of how vast Heaven was. It didn't help that last time I played I was on normal mode and very badly underlevelled.

I'm torn between ditching Teddie and using Naoto instead. I like Naoto a lot (wish the VA was better though) but Teddie has some good buffs and is an awesome healer. Since I am level 55 by this point I don't really need him since I can make Persona with Mediarama etc but the buffs are something else... and Naoto may just end up being another Chie or Kanji (physical attacker).

Still annoyed Chie never learns her -Dyne spells. Ahh well, I'll probably stick to my usual team or maybe switch between Teddie and Naoto until I figure out what works. If I remember rightly Naoto's moves are heavy on the SP. I have enough issues with maintaining SP as it is XD

On another note; I'm aware of the Ruthless business but frankly I could care less about it. She's already reaping what she's sewn with the simming community and I really have nothing to say that hasn't already been said. But! If I find out that certain individuals that HAVE expressed their utter contempt and disgust have suddenly been banned from the EA forum for minor offences... you'll bet I'll be getting my claws out with the rest of 'em.


I turned Tohru into a vampire ^_^ I think he looks better that way. I might make him blond though, the silver hair and pale as snow skin are a bit too much IMO.

Friday, 7 January 2011


HA! Beaten in under 15 minutes. My new personal best. I freakin' hate that boss battle - he's such a cheating prick and the fact that he doesn't even die if he has part of his shield up is just another cheap shot!


I was level 44 btw. Used Black Frost with Agidyne in combination with Kanji's multi-hitting Kill Rush, Yosuke's Garula and Teddie's Bufula/All Attack raising buff.

Not that the ass didn't keep trying to raise his damn sheild. Two-turn taking cheating bastard ¬¬

...yeah it's 3:36am and I'm positive I'm coming down with a cold but what the hell? Persona 4 is far better than sleep XD

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Sod it. I know I said I was going to wait until the exchange was fixed but goodness knows when that'll happen ¬¬

His name is Tohru Notama

CC List:
Skintone: Default Replacement "Asian" Skintone (Mod The Sims)
Eyes: Default Replacement (Subaxi)
Hair: Peggy (Free)
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Nail Polish (not shown): Club Crimsyn
Pants: MYOS

**Made using additional sliders from Mod The Sims - including the Elf Ear sliders. Should look as pictured even without these sliders provided the sliders are left alone in CAS**

I use .package files. I'm afraid pretty much all of my CC is not transferrable.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

GIFTING MOOD EH? you're in a gifting mood are you Hydra? That's wonderful. Let me just hop on over to the store and fill my Wishlist with a load of misc decor crap :/ nevermind the fact that these gifts do not come out of your own pocket like how your lot expects us to gift. No you just have a magic simpoint button that gives you free things to bestow upon your hapless peons.

Tch. No wonder there are beggers on the TS3 forum when the gurus themselves practically encourage it ¬¬ perhaps when Hydra or any of the other 'generous' gurus use money out of their own pockets it'll mean more to me. IMO there's really not much thought in giving something away that you didn't have to pay for in the first place.


On a much more personal note there's a petition in the store sub-forum that actually kind of pissed me off; I believe that the $200 limit is there for our protection. As a victim of credit card fraud myself (£1,000) I know how fucking violating it really feels to have someone steal from you like that - the stress was horrible and while I managed to get the charge removed (because it was only 1 charge as opposed to lots of different ones - apparently you have to go to the police if there are several items) it was still a very unpleasant experience. EA have done something fucking right for a change and they should damn well keep that $200 limit there. What's worse? Somebody frauding your card for $200 worth of virtual items or more?

There's really no one in particular this is directed at, I just needed to vent more than anything. There was more but I think I was out of order, so I've removed it.

What's with me lately? I usually try not to comment too much on the goings on in the forums, especially in a sub-forum I honestly don't tend to hang around in all that much.


I've made a new sim ^_^ his name is Tohru. As soon as I saw that hair by Peggy I just had to use it. It's almost as awesome as that Newsea hair is. Unfortunately the exchange is still busted and like hell I'm sacrificing my creation's time in the sun. I'll wait until it gets fixed and then upload him.

There's another sim I wanted to upload too. I hope EA hurrys the hell up and fixes this ¬¬

Monday, 3 January 2011


Perhaps I've just been too optimistic about the way humanity is going recently but I really did think we were past the whole idiocy of egocentric morons wasting their valuable time to make an account on a website they have no interest in just to act like a complete tosser.

Clearly I was wrong.

Exhibit A:


Of course I only checked out their profile in the first place after they made a complete ass of themselves in this thread nevermind that they must've spent far more time writing up that little bio than I put into dolling up my entire page :/

I realize making a post like this is no doubt feeding this pathetic little puissant but fuck it. They're happy to deal out humiliation and riddicule so I shall respond in kind. Childish yes but to hell with it.

Oh and if you're sad enough to be reading this nousernamesleft then I feel it only fair to inform you that I've reported your page for vulgar language. Asteriks or not it's quite clear what you were intending to say.

Sunday, 2 January 2011


I had forgotten just how addictive playing Persona 4 could be. I'm doing rather well at the moment. Just beat the Striptease dungeon ^_^

My current team is: Yosuke, Chie and Kanji but I'm thinking of swapping out Chie for Teddie since I really do need a healer, Chie never learns her -Dyne spells and I absolutely can't stand Yukiko (she's such a self-centred character and she's the only one who never seemed to actually learn the true meaning behind her Shadow's words ¬¬). I'm at level 34 at the moment ^_^

I wish Romi Paku did English voices, that way Naoto would be so much better. It's a shame really since most of the voice acting is really great but there's just no comparison between the English and Japanese versions of Naoto - Romi Paku simply did a much better job.