Sunday, 9 January 2011


Just some random shots of the house I made for Tohru:

...and a new sim. Initially she was going to be a self sim of me (I've dyed my hair again recently) but I just couldn't get it to look anything like me (-and I'm certainly not as skinny as my sims XD) so I decided to just take what I had done and flip it back to my usual style.

Her name is Rei Kusanagi. I'd do a CC list and all that but TBH I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight ^_^;

I'm subconsciously turning my town into something out of the anime Shiki. So I've been turning a lot of sims into vampires XD


AzaraRumohra said...

ahah! I love your last comment, You really love tohru don't you ^-^, I could never sit through house building :P, Love your new sim!
Don't you think newsea's new diamond candy hair would be perfect for a megumi sim?
There are dresses EXACTY like her pink and black lined one too <3... Maybe I should have a shot at it >.> I really fail at making anime into sim... I have no idea where to start for the face shape xD

Darkslayer said...

I did actually make a sim very loosely based on Megumi. She's in my studio at the moment.

I actually find building really tedious. I'm not very good at it so I tend to get put off when I look at other people's creations for inspiration but I'm weird... I want a town to be my own so I never download other people's houses. It often means I wind up re-starting a LOT without getting any real simming done. One day I'll finish a town, I swear XD

Newsea's diamond candy hair is perfect! I might have to go to APMBD (arr ;)) I don't tend to like those CC dresses though. I'm not sure if people that use them tend to have the picture quality on low but they never seem to look that good to me IMO.

You should definately give it a shot! I find having the slider hacks helps though Megumi has quite a narrow face anyway. Just fool around with the sliders and see what happens. I'd love to see her if you do make her.

I keep being tempted to re-make my old Fullmetal Alchemist sims but I can't get the look right. The amount of half-finished 'Greed' sims I have amongst the pre-mades is hilariously sad XD

Darkslayer said...

Edit: Just a note to say that I wish somebody would make those spikey shoes. Be it on the sims or IRL. They're so cool they'd be the first pair of heels I would ever wear XD

AzaraRumohra said...

I went through your studio,and found her, I was wondering where I'd seen the pic before, but your sim comes up if you type megumi shiki on google xD

So I have seen her before 8)

Darkslayer said...

LMAO really!? It doesn't even look like her :D that's kinda' cool.

AzaraRumohra said...

Yep :D v

1st page on my comp x)

AzaraRumohra said...

Pahah, I guess she came out okay >

Wasn't sure which hair colour was better

I was copying her outfit from this screenshot -

Oh, I also tried to make the side of her face anime looking

But I didn't want to make the nose like this

It looked a little ridiculous xD

What do you think ;P? Sorry for all the links T__T

Darkslayer said...

Yo! Sorry I haven't been around.

She looks amazing! Personally I'd go with the second shade for her hair colour since it does strike me as being more pink.

When I create anime sims I tend not to go to extremes; I still want them to fit in with everybody else so I just take my favourite traits. I totally agree with you on the nose XD

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