Friday, 21 January 2011


Session 3 is a shot taken from a music video. At first I really had no ideas for this one since all the j-rock videos I watch either just have the band playing (Despairsray do this, as do Girugamesh and Abingdon Boys School ¬¬) or the video is so damn complex I haven't a hope in hell of mimicking it without some serious editing (the puppets in Despairsray's Redeemer video)

So I did what I always do; fucked around with the animations in debugger. I vaguely knew what look I wanted but it was just getting the animation to match. Working with 4 models is still a pain in the ass but it's a lot of fun. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to make Niwa sit at the snake charmer basket before I got this shot - I either paused just after the perfect sitting pose I wanted or Fuuka/Mihoki were doing something really shit XD

Amusingly, I discovered this little gem whilst fucking with the animations:



Vidkid20 said...

Aw see you did it and lol at the 2nd pic with his head back. That makes my neck hurt. Ouch. :D

Darkslayer said...

I really wanted to use that pose somehow but I couldn't get it to work.

I don't think this is as good as my previous entry, but I've been faffing with the game pretty much ever since I got home between making blog posts ^_^;

Mark my words. I WILL find a use for that animation XD

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