Friday, 31 December 2010


Hope y'all have a rockin' new years party! :D


So Rod Humble and Grant Rodiek have left the TS3 franchise - seriously who the FUCK actually cares? Ugh. I can tell what the final night of 2010 has in store for me now aside from the stomach bug that I'm convinced is trying to eat my insides... a crapload of worthless spam over in the TS3 forum about how its the end of the fucking world and oh noes have they really left? Whatever will we do without them!? ;_;

GET OVER IT. They clearly weren't up to the job in the first place since the game still isn't working properly so fuck it. Nobody would give a shit anyway if Grant was an absolute minger. It's pathetic.

Friday, 24 December 2010


Just wanted to wish y'all a merry Christmas and an absolutely ROCKIN' new year ^_^

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I only heard about this band recently but I already love their music ^_^

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


W00t for Christmas... and a random pic spam starring my latest sim Ethan and his new pad :D


Ahh... just one more day and then I am free from work until the 4th. How I have waited for this day.

I also can't wait for Friday. I was a bit skint so I got my parents to buy the next Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Blu-Ray set. I'm looking forward to finally watching it although I'm rather annoyed that the distributor of the Blu-Ray for the UK has pulled out. Maybe if you didn't charge fuckin' £35 for them when the sodding DVD only costs £15 if you know where to look/preorder more people would've bought them ¬¬

Alas I'm using my PS3 as a Blu-Ray player and the USA versions that ARE still being released on Blu-Ray (lucky bastards ¬¬) are region locked ¬¬

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Well despite the snow I managed to make it out to see Tron in 3D and I have to say that movie was the largest pile of shit I have seen in quite some time. Now I loved the effects, I even loved the music but you cannot throw together a bunch of half-finished and fuckin' predictable plot points and call it a goddamn story.

Oh and Flynn? Fuck you. Like hell you thought of Wi-Fi in 1989 ¬¬ way to turn him into a fucking Gary-Stu Disney ¬¬

Friday, 17 December 2010


OK. Why is it that somebody can get banned for posting the word 'bump' in large letters but all the tossers currently hanging around in General Discussion spamming with their crappy pictures that have FUCK ALL to do with TS3 can get away with bloody murder?

The abuse over in that forum right now is untrue! I'm really having to reign myself in from giving a few puissants I've encountered tonight a piece of my mind.



New update on the simming front. I'm currently working on this guy:

His name is Ethan Mars. I've pretty much got his attire sorted out but there's something about him that's just bugging me at the moment :/ maybe I'll turn him into a vampire and see how it looks then.

I'm also really starting to hate my Vanity entry. Everyone else's looks so much better. I'm annoyed at myself really for dismantaling the set of my random sim shoot a few days back.

Ugh... typical really. I loved that set too but I didn't see any other use for it then lo and behold a grunge challenge comes up.

I dunno... my entry is probably fine but it just seems to lack... content :/


What you are about to see is not pleasing to the eye whatsoever. Remember way back when I commented that I had dyed my hair 'Cyber Purple' well this is the result; those with a nervous disposition should look away now!

I swear... I tense up the minute somebody pulls a camera on me, I'm not photogenic in the slightest XDDDD

REALLY... ¬¬

Ugh. Couldn't have held off for another six hours or so huh? Geez... nevermind that I wanted to go and see the new Tron movie this Saturday ¬¬

Fucking snow.

Sunday, 12 December 2010


I freakin' love this band. The whole Visual Kei look is what inspires a lot of my sims... even if there is only limited content to pull it off XDDD


Just another pic spam from TS3 ^_^

They're mostly just shots of the two sims I've uploaded today. The red-head is Fuuka, I just changed her hair, makeup and removed the mask.


W00t! New layout. I was getting kinda' bored of the Blogger defaults so I scoured the internet and found this little beauty. The font is a little pale though considering the background is so dark but it's pre-set and won't let me change it. Ahh well.

Two new simmies tonight... which I would also announce on the forum if it wasn't being such a bitch :/

Mihoki Shiromu:

**Mihoki is NOT a vampire in my studio - this was just my favourite picture of him**

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: None
Weight: Boney
Sub Type: Human
Traits: Friendly, Party Animal, Virtuoso, Star Quality, Childish

I turned him into a vampire in my game and I'm planning on making him a superstar J-Rocker ^_^


CC List:

Skintone: Default Replacement 'Asian' Skintone (MTS)
Eyes: Default Replacement (Subaxi)
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Hair: My Blue Book
Necklace: Lemonleaf
Jeans: MYOS
Boots: MYOS

**This sim has been made using additional sliders - should be OK if you don't have them as long as they aren't edited in CAS. Downloaded from MTS**

Fuuka Royu:

(Amusingly EA thinks that her name is naughty XDD)

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: None
Weight: Thin
Sub Type: Human
Traits: Star Quality, Vegetarian, Childish, Absent-Minded, Party Animal

Like Mihoki she's going to be another J-Rocker. Maybe I'll even make a couple more and start a Visual Kei band ;)


CC List:

Skintone: Default Replacement Asian Skintone (MTS)
Eyes: Default Replacement (Subaxi)
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Hair: Newsea (TSR/All Paysites Must Be Destroyed)
Mask: MYOS
Pattern: Repulsive Desire (will come packaged with the sim)
Makeup: Ladyfrontbum (MTS)

**This sim has been made using additional sliders - should be OK if you don't have them as long as they aren't edited in CAS. Download from MTS**

Saturday, 11 December 2010


I can kind of see what they're trying to do... but this is still a really fuckin' stupid way to advertise a car :/

Friday, 10 December 2010


Yup. Random pic spam of a few lots I've built in my new town.

The gym/dojo:

A random little house I built. I cloned this house and stuck it on a load of other lots too so I have a neat little row of them

Crappy shot of my business tower/restaurant. Flowers are my answer to empty space XD

Two new female sims I've made; the red-head is Angel and the other is Izumi. I'm torn between putting Angel up for download or not, I made her from my Shinichi sim and for some reason the vampire fangs are protruding from her chin when her mouth is closed. I haven't seen this happen with any other sim so I don't think it's my extra sliders... :/
A quick screencap of my neighbourhood. I downloaded this beautiful hood and bulldozed most of the lots. It's nothing against the creator of this world at all as his lots were absloutely amazing but I wanted a more personal touch.
There are still quite a few lots that he built out of the ones that are left, I haven't had much chance to get to work on it yet.

Larger Image:

Stupid Blogger. Quit deleting my paragraphs!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I'm really glad that Vanity got started - loved the first assignment just because the description was so hilarious (in a totally awesome way). I struggled to come up with a set at first and it didn't help that my Bridgeport is totally broken (I have the lagging issue but I'm not updating my game - that patch seems worse than not being able to use Bridgeport for simming).

I've been thinking about that actually; I'm wondering if its the skyscrapers that are glitched as opposed to Bridgeport itself. I have another custom neighbourhood that runs perfectly fine, but as soon as I add the apartment shells it goes all glitchy and laggy. :/

EA had better fix it. I bought LN for the vampires, clubs and sleazy city-feel. If I can't use the skyscrapers then I still can't make my dodgy city ¬¬

Saturday, 4 December 2010


So I finished the house. I was actually pleased enough with it to want to upload it to the exchange but surprise surprise... network failure. Ugh I hate the launcher so much. The amount of sims I've had to re-package due to this is insane! Worst still because even though the launcher fucks up it acts as though I've used that name before, when I didn't because it bloody failed!

But yeah, I thought I'd show off a bit more of the house anyway now that it's finished. Technically it's 3 story but I'm using it as a home for Chiagi and he doesn't have anyone living with him yet so the third floor is completely empty.

I'm working on another lot at the moment that has the Late Night restaurant skyscraper, a little playground for the kiddies and... well that's the thing. I've got a fairly large space left on the lot and I don't know what to put there.


CC List:
Skintone: Default Replacement 'Asian' skintone (MTS)
Hair: Newsea (TSR - Free)
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyes: Default Replacement (Subaxi)
Goggles: MTS

Friday, 3 December 2010


Finally fixed my game again so I threw Shinichi back into CAS to get a better quality picture. I'm considering uploading him onto the exchange but I'll need to add his formal outfit etc before I do that since I was lazy and left it as whatever the game initially picked for the sim template I used.


It's so totally not finished right now. I mean the building itself I'm pretty happy with; only the 3 story home is livable the other one (unshown) has the hidden room markers put in there. It's quite convenient really.

The ground floor is the only one furnished so far, I haven't even put dividing walls on the upper floors yet XD;

Who knows; I might even upload this one.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


OK so the skin texture quality is pissing me off to no end and I'm having major blue lot of death issues (I downloaded a house and it's .package CC files but I think something within that fucked up my game a tad) but I've managed to get one shot that I'm not totally meh about. It's just the headshot anyway.

Hopefully my game was just having a wobble. I wasn't using my FPS limiter which could explain why it was acting so screwed up.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Feeling inspired I decided to undertake a challenge and build a park; this is something that I don't tend to do because I struggle with filling the larger lots and the view from edit town mode always looks horrendous but I really wanted to customize the park in my town. So... I took the bold step of bulldozing it.