Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Ngh! I wish my stupid hair would dry so I can go to bed. I have naturally wavy hair, I'm too lazy to dig out my hairdryer and if I don't straighten it before I go to bed I won't be able to do a damn thing with it tomorrow morning ¬¬

It's 12:18am. I am tired. DRY!


xXAngelicEvilXx said...

I am the SAME way, and I cut my hair a couple of weeks ago, so it's only down to the very top of my it looks REALLY dumb if I haven't straightened it.

cupcake said...

I have naturally curly hair so if I don't let it completely dry or braid it before I fall asleep my hair will look like stand in hair for Russel Brand.

Darkslayer said...

@AE: Yeah my hair is about that length at the moment with really choppy layers so it looks absolutely stupid curly. My hair doesn't really go curly anyway... it's more frizzy XD

@Cupcake: LOL. I completely sympathise, my hair is horrendous before I take the straighteners to it.

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