Saturday, 21 August 2010

Catherine - Preview Trailer from ATLUS (PS3/360 - Winter 2010)

This trailer looks freakin' sweet~ definately a day 1 purchase for me... whenever England finally gets it XD

So if I disappear towards the end of 2011 then you'll all know why ;)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Shiki Opening Full [Buck-Tick-Kuchizuke]

I freakin' love this song ^_^

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Well my game has been an absolute bitch tonight but I finally got it done. I'm really pleased with how this lot has turned out. I only have one sim living there at the moment; Reno has an apartment on the ground floor.

The dining room; I just had to have that skull in there somewhere. Unfortunately it kind of took up a lot of space on the table.

Reno's apartment is situated in a somewhat rough neighbourhood; he's on a shoddy wage at best but that doesn't stop him from buying the most expensive HD TV and games console.

Not to mention funding his side-hobby.

While I was busy shooting pictures of his home I had left the game unpaused and he randomly started to cry. Given that I've made it look as though he's either failed to clean up after a party or has a drinking problem (for no other reason than fooling around without the gridlocking on - I can't believe I've only just figured out how to do this) the above shot gave me some ideas as to where I wanted to take his character.

Reno isn't up for download just yet. I want to adjust his traits and give him a proper backstory.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


I've been thinking about trying to do another modelling competition. The trouble is that I have the ideas for it (I still have the shoot ideas left over from the Superhero/Villain competition) - the trouble is that I'm lazy and aside from the forums being completely USELESS at the time I'll also admit that the idea of doing all that coding just... yeah.

There are two ideas that I've been toying with; the Superhero/villain one again and another one based on Japanese fashion like the Harujuku girls, Visual Kei, Lolita, Cosplay etc... no idea where I'd go with it or anything.

I definately don't want to judge my own competitions; I'm quite a critical person and being a perfectionist when it comes to my own pictures I'd hate for that to come across for others who have obviously put in a lot of work. I'm not cut out for judging, I'm too lazy and when I judged in the past I ended up re-writing what I'd written quite a few times because looking back at it I always thought 'wow, that's kind of egotistical and harsh of me to say crap like that about someone else's work' - I don't think I'm a horrible person; I'm just a perfectionist and very opinionated about how *I* would do things which would of course come across really negatively to somebody who may not like the way I do things but put their heart into what they offered.

(I will admit though that it frustrates me when people turn in such dark shots. I lurk in the modelling forum quite a bit and I see such potential in those pictures yet I know they won't be marked well because they're too dark. I'd put up my own tutorial but I honestly don't think I'm *that* good to get away with doing it without sounding really arrogant)

So yeah... I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment. I'm in two competitions that haven't started yet so I don't want to stretch myself too thin but I'm really keen to do the Japanese-themed competition because hell, nobody seems to have done it before.

For anyone reading this blog you're more than welcome to do the idea yourselves ;) hell I might even sign up. Being a contestant is far more fun than being a judge/host IMO.

Friday, 13 August 2010


I'll be honest; I was quite disappointed when the host of the modelling competition I was in disappeared (and not just because I had won in a near landslide vote ^_^; ) - it was looking like it could've been a fun competition too.

I've taken some time out again for a little while but I've noticed a couple of modelling competitions that look quite interesting; - this is a grunge themed competition; which I decided to enter Raiden into.

Raiden - Unmasked. Huzzah!

Then there is this competition - I recall being involved in the first cycle with my only ever female model and this was the same time that the forums were playing up, cue me eventually losing interest because I was sick of battling EA's buggy forum.

The one thing I learned first time around; I suck at modelling female sims so naturally when the male version came along I had to enter Heine.

Sorry; no new pictures of him. I've moved neighbourhood and whilst he does have a place I haven't really decorated it etc and I haven't played his household in so long.

I'm glad this one came up; I had been looking forward to using Heine in the other competition.

Vidkid; I really wish I hadn't missed signups for your competition but I fail at female models ^_^; if you ever do one where males can enter (provided I see it before it fills up) I'll be all over it. It's looking awesome so far though! ^_^
I made another sim tonight though he isn't quite ready to be shared just yet. His name is Reno *dork* he's looking sultry and pouty in my new laundromat... I would've had him posing in his underpants for added effect (read: smex) but my CC sleepwear is somewhat lacking ^_^;

Edit: aaand as usual blogger is being stupid and not seeing my paragraphs. They are there damnit! ¬¬

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Right. I had intended on making this post about four days ago but my internet was being a bitch and I could barely get online long enough to do it.

My latest sim; despite his looks he's actually quite a reasonable character who is dedicated to his work - he's even a vegetarian ;)

Just a couple of shots of his apartment:

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Right. That is it. I have had enough. My computer is a fragile enough creature as it is with its random reboots and failure to find its DVD drive. I do not need you making it worse.

You know who you are.

Damn launcher...

Unsurprisingly this happens a lot. In fact virtually every time I enter the launcher and no matter which one it is I get the same result.

It will open (eventually) and I'll upload whatever I wanted to upload (I have long since stopped using the launcher to load the game itself - that was a disaster the last time I tried). All seems to go well until I go to close it.

WITHOUT FAIL it will freeze on me. A lot of the time this just means I have to end task about a dozen times before the thing decides that yes it finally will close (you are at my command, not the other way around damnit! You close when I say, not when you bloody feel like it!).

Then there are the days when it just wants to be a total bitch; like as pictured below.

As you can see the launcher did not just freeze itself. It froze my AIM chat (name blanked because she wasn't online at the time - not sure how she'd feel about her username being publically broadcast) and it froze IE. Somehow it also managed to confuse my task manager into thinking that I had two versions of Blogger open when in reality (as you can blatantly see) I did not.

WTF launcher!?

This is the reason why I don't upload as much as I used to. I still enjoy creating sims but getting them uploaded is such a damn hassle these days. My launcher has never worked properly but ever since I put Ambitions on I've been reduced to enduring meltdowns like these.

EA - your launcher right now is acting like a damn virus on my computer. You produce complex games on a regular basis, how did you manage to fuck up something as simple as the TS3 launcher?

UGH! *raaaage*

Edit: Conveniently it had closed by the time I screencapped this. It's stealthy virus ways concealing it until the next time it wants to piss me off.

I wasn't using AIM. I was signed on yes but the person I was talking/connected to had already signed off. I was just finishing up a few things on Blogger after my sim had uploaded. I closed the launcher and then it froze everything I had running. A few more minutes and I'd have rebooted but I didn't want to lose the screencap.


Miku Kujaku CC list:

Skintone: Default replacement 'Asian' skintone from MTS
Eyes: Default replacement by Subaxi
Hair: Newsea (can be downloaded free if you're resourceful ;))
Clothes: TS3 store (can be downloaded free if you're resourceful ;))
Shoes: Parismonious Sims (SP?)
Textures: Basegame & Ambitions

She'll be up for download shortly on my Studio.


Long live the weekend!

I've been surprisingly productive; finished two apartment buildings (including a new one for Ryutaro because he's by far my favourite sim and I felt bad for making a mess of his last place).

I've also made a couple of new sims. The first one (as pictured below) is Chie Satonaka... why yes I was feeling creative when I decided to steal a name from Persona 4 XDDD

I haven't uploaded her yet but I do plan to at some point.

My second creation is a sim that in my vast creativity I chose to name Miku Kujaku (last name yoinked from Yu-Gi-Oh; one of my old guilty pleasures in life) - no idea where I picked Miku up from but it was probably some other anime or Japanese video game. I normally use a name generator but my internet was being a bitch.

I forgot to take pictures of the exterior of Chie and Ryutaro's apartment complex because it was dark at the time and I hate gridlines but this is the exterior of Miku's apartment (I have also moved Nodame into this one but I've only furnished one apartment so far hence why there's no pictures - this complex can house up to four single sims but at a squeeze you may be able to fit a couple into one of them).

Pictures taken of Miku's apartment. I... got a bit carried away with that dirty-pink colour.

And because as usual Blogger decided to be stupid and not post the images how I thought it would, this is Ryutaro's new apartment. I wanted to give it more of a run down feel. I have yet to decide if he's done the graffiti or whether it's just a shithole apartment.