Saturday, 8 January 2011


Ha! Ha! I can't believe this. I entered in a fight against Shadow Naoto with barely any health left and no SP. I wasn't expecting to win - I'm playing on beginner's mode so I can get New Game + and I always did prefer the social links side to the dungeon crawling.

Well at level 55 I got 3/4 of the way down the health bar before MC finally died. I was so amused, especially since I was just using the 'rush' option :D

Heaven is next. Ugh... this is the big test for me because I completely lost interest last time because of how vast Heaven was. It didn't help that last time I played I was on normal mode and very badly underlevelled.

I'm torn between ditching Teddie and using Naoto instead. I like Naoto a lot (wish the VA was better though) but Teddie has some good buffs and is an awesome healer. Since I am level 55 by this point I don't really need him since I can make Persona with Mediarama etc but the buffs are something else... and Naoto may just end up being another Chie or Kanji (physical attacker).

Still annoyed Chie never learns her -Dyne spells. Ahh well, I'll probably stick to my usual team or maybe switch between Teddie and Naoto until I figure out what works. If I remember rightly Naoto's moves are heavy on the SP. I have enough issues with maintaining SP as it is XD

On another note; I'm aware of the Ruthless business but frankly I could care less about it. She's already reaping what she's sewn with the simming community and I really have nothing to say that hasn't already been said. But! If I find out that certain individuals that HAVE expressed their utter contempt and disgust have suddenly been banned from the EA forum for minor offences... you'll bet I'll be getting my claws out with the rest of 'em.


LE said...

Dark getting mad? *runs to hide* Just joking.

It would be a dumb move on her part to ban any of us for expressing ourselves on our blogs. The sheer magnitude of the backlash from that would be beyond epic.

Darkslayer said...

Yeah but her initial move wasn't all that clever in the first place and egged on by other people? Who knows?

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