Friday, 21 January 2011


Those of you who've been hitting up the EA Forum over the past couple of weeks or so have probably noticed a user named Nallykrunk who has quickly skyrocketed herself to fame for all the wrong reasons.

She started out spamming the general discussion board with numerous crude and offensive topics about her fat sims and their bodily functions. Needless to say it did not go down well; nor did her reaction when she claimed that everybody who found it offensive had to be just as disgusting, blubbery etc as her sim.

A day or two after this nonsense, she posted an apology. Fair enough; we all act like a div at some point or another so I accepted this and moved on. The same evening or possibly the day after she was back posting more of the same crap.

She was soon temp-banned. Good riddance.

When her temp-ban was up she came back, posted more of the same bullshit and was handed another temp-ban. Apparently she said that she thought the topics were funny and that she would try her best not to post anything like that again - but her words seemed to suggest that she had trouble controlling herself.

She came back again spouting more apologies that the community found difficult to accept - myself included. I'm not proud that I took part in what was essentially baiting her and yes, I said on several occasions that I would be fucking happy when she got her third and final ban but then she toned it down, started posting on topic and minus an innocent slip (using the slang term 'nut house' for an insane asylum that probably wouldn't have had the same cry of outrage had she not gained quite the nasty reputation) she seemed to be behaving herself.

The baiting continued though. To me it seemed to be making her irrational and emotional - they were just goading her into saying something bannable and I didn't think that was right. By this point in my eyes she really was trying to make up for her past deeds, so I stuck up for her.

Tonight she posts more bullshit about her smelly sim, using offensive terms and generally making up a load of nonsense that doesn't even happen in game anyway. Now I don't want to offend anyone here... but it's as though she is two different people. She claims that she is 20 years old but IMO she posts more like she's between 8 and 13; her posts vary greatly from being rational and hell, fun to emotional to extremely offensive. Either she's a good little manipulator, two different people on one account or... well I don't know. Something just doesn't seem right :/

I mean a couple of nights ago she took a lot of flack from the community and it just seemed to... break her. I felt so bad for her.

I'm torn between thinking she's a troll and treating her as such or continuing to stand up for her and plead her case. As it is I've left a post in her latest thread just telling her that I'm disappointed but I have reported her again.

I just can't make my mind up as to whether I should condemn her or be sympathetic.

Edit: Whatever - I'm done with her. I know I'll feel bad if it turned out she was being genuine but I'm not about to keep giving her the benefit of the doubt when I think I'm being played :/


Pistolkitten said...

She seems batshit crazy to me, even in her ''ok'' posts she seems to manage to get a crack at someone in there, and every topic I've seen her post has been controversial in some way...not just the downright offensive ones....I've started avoiding any thread started by her.

Darkslayer said...

Yeah. I think I'll be doing the same from now on :/

Her earlier 'good girl' topics still had a degree of controversy but her very recent ones seemed innocent enough. I probably missed some of the bullshit though.

xXAngelicEvilXx said...

Yeah....agree with PK on that. Dunno what's up....but something's up. 0_o

xWednesdayx said...

You know, I can't remember exactly who it was, but for some reason this situation rings a bell. I think I remember someone in the past who kept posting offensive topics and then returning with a "heartfelt" apology, only to continue spewing more offensive drivel. Who was it? I recall someone accusing this person of having split personality issues. It is going to bother me all day. Anyway, when I saw these posts by Nallykrunk I was immediately reminded of that issue in the past and wondered if it was the same person.

What's really sad is when she apologized... I actually believed her and wanted to give her another chance. *facepalm*

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