Saturday, 23 April 2011

Friday, 15 April 2011


Fuck you Blogger and your little dog too. I'm taking my ball and I'm going to Wordpress instead since you keep insisting on screwing up all my posts. I'll still be lurking my followed blogs here, but my posts from now on will be done on my Wordpress account here: I'm sorry it has come to this but blogger, you haven't been working properly in a month, you fucking suck ass ¬¬

Monday, 11 April 2011


Right off to bed. Knackered XD

Friday, 8 April 2011


I'm quite torn about the new poses that are available. Don't get me wrong I think they look cool but IMO I think they're kind of a cheap way to get an above-average modelling shot. I'm not sure how I'd feel about competing next to someone who can get a shot like that with next to no effort (OK I know making it work is a bitch but bear with me here). When I take my pictures I can spend hours at a time sifting through shot after shot looking for something where everything lines up properly. I'd be pretty damn pissed off if someone cheated and used a pose box, spent about 5 minutes on their entry and ended up winning because of it. That's just my two cents anyway (and I bet blogger deletes my paragraphs again ¬¬) - there's something about these pose boxes that is making me a bit... I dunno', like I said as cool as they are it just seems kind of cheap in comparison to putting the effort in yourself but then I feel the same way about editing in general, face plastering, hair drawing and putting a sim on a totally different background - perhaps it's just me and how I am. Obviously though because I am hosting a competition I'm going to remain impartial towards it - if someone happens to use it then fine that's OK but I'm still going to mark on their picture quality overall rather than 'ZOMG the model is POSING!!!! FULL MARKS :D' ¬¬

Thursday, 7 April 2011


AAAHHHHHH! I won! I can't believe I actually won! I thought I was taking such a risk with my final shot since the colour scheme was so washed out but YAY! I won :D I'm so freakin' happy right now!


I'll keep this brief since blogger keeps removing my paragraphs; this is the dive bar that I've been working on. I made a post about it on General Discussion since I had a big patch of empty space that needed filling - much thanks for all the suggestions :D it needs play testing but after that I'll probably put it up for download ^_^

Monday, 4 April 2011


OK! Is it just me or is there something wrong with Blogger? These past few posts it insists on deleting my paragraph spaces even when I put 4 or 5 lines between each one :/ it's bloody annoying!


Unfortunately Kei was not having the best of days; a new spirit had taken up residence in the student dormitories and after begrudgingly listening to her bemoan her situation and curse her boyfriend for daring to move on with his life (apparently they had been childhood sweethearts and she had been dead for a good four years now) he had not been able to turn in until the very wee hours of the morning… and so he had overslept… by two whole hours thus missing not only his much-needed first cigarette of the morning but also the first half of an important lecture. Wonderful. Throughout the course of the day there was little in the way of improvement; he had gotten a soaking transferring between buildings and subsequently missed the best food on offer in the university cafeteria after spending a good forty-five minutes fixing his hair in the bathroom and then despite the gnawing hunger he managed to fall asleep during his second lecture that had been just as important if not moreso than his first. He never did manage more than a few puffs on a lonely cigarette. Needless to say knowing what awaited him back at the dorms and after the utterly dreadful day he had already endured he was in no hurry to return and deal with another earful from that pain in the a.s.s spirit. He needed a stiff drink to take the edge off his bad day but it was student night and his usual haunts were heaving with the types of people that he was in no mood to deal with right there and then. This was what led to him meandering aimlessly throughout the city streets. That was when he stumbled upon the underground bar purely by chance; hidden away in a less than desirable part of the neighbourhood – granted the bouncer-type guy at the door had seemed a little odd but a bar was a bar and he was parched so he ventured down into the dark, smoky depths… and got the shock of his life. Spirits…! Spirits everywhere! Dancing on the tables to surprisingly trendy music, warming the barstools, mixing the d.a.m.n dayglow-coloured drinks…! There were even a pair of spirits having a fight in the middle of the bar! He would never become accustomed to the world of spirits – NEVER!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


I had to create a picture using purple and green as primary colours - I think I did OK ^_^

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I'm toying with the idea of getting my hair cut like this... I know it's a boy's cut but I think it looks feminine enough for me without being too girly - I'm just not sure. Fortunately hair grows back so if it is a mistake it isn't permanent but growing my fringe out was a pain in the backside ¬¬ But I've wanted an Asian hairstyle for so long... *torn* Edit: Dude! WTF is wrong with Blogger today?! It keeps eating my damn paragraphs! ¬¬


I'm actually very anxious at the moment because I think I have been too harsh with someone in particular. I'm new to the judging scene and I try to be as honest as possible - when I'm faced with so many wonderful entries scoring them is extremely difficult and so when I see something that -to me- looks like the entrant didn't even try... it irritates me. I'll feel absolutely awful if I've completely misinterpreted the picture but being active in the modelling community myself I know how much time and effort goes into some of these shots and... well I just didn't see it. I didn't really see anything; not even the model and certainly not the assignment brief. I'm so nervous about how they'll react to it though. A part of me is thinking that I should've tried harder to score it but at the same time I kept pouring over it, trying my damndest. I've never seen this happen before in any competition I've been in and I honestly have no experience in it. I think... I'd like for someone to say that I did the right thing or that they got the same vibe that I did just to make me feel better. I'm actually scared ^_^; Scoring freakin' sucks! XD

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Just a small build although it actually took me quite a long time to do. I went at it with a different approach than I normally do with builds and I think it worked out quite well ^_^

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hurrah! I finally got my ass into gear to finish :D

-and here are the end products:

After the unfortunate and tragic death of Mihoki after an outdoor charity concert overran, exposing him to the sun’s deadly UV rays F.u.u.k.a was left to give birth to and raise their daughter with her other two band mates Ryutaro and Niwa’s assistance; a member short, still grieving and with a tiny little life to think of the band went on an indefinite hiatus much to the anguish of their loyal fans.

As the months slowly passed them by she began to grow particularly close to Ryutaro who had been her rock during those difficult times and a new romance soon blossomed.

However; Mihoki who had regretted his carelessness that day had lingered behind in the mortal world instead of passing on to the netherworld like all spirits are supposed to. In fact he had stayed by his girlfriend’s side all this time becoming bitter and twisted with jealousy and remorse as he not only watched her grieve for him but also move into the arms of a new lover… his close friend no less!

Enraged by the turn of events and overcome with spite he became a man possessed; a vengeful spirit consumed by his own hatred and jealousy he now frequently expresses this anger through a series of fearsome screams in a disembodied voice that no living being can hear.

Between touring the country and taking some much needed down-time Despairsray can most commonly be found in the recording studio cutting tracks for their next album. Mihoki and Ryutaro collaborate on the lyrics with Niwa and F.u.u.k.a providing their musical expertise to get the sound just so.

Song-writing is a long, thought out process the beginning stages of which tend to be done in the confined space of their tour bus where entertainment is minimal at best.

Recording even just one new track for an album can take hours if not days and the recording studio is a close and stuffy environment to work in; as a result the band often dresses down from their usual elaborate style for the sake of comfort – recording is a strainuous and frustrating task in itself without adding sharp pointed accessories and heavy layers upon layers of fabric to the mix.

Wish me luck guys! & Good luck to Mintkiss too :D

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Lately I've been feeling somewhat torn. I've been getting an overwhelming urge to play TS2. There is just something very lacking in TS3 and that is becoming more and more apparent as I go back to actually playing the game as opposed to just messing about on it. There's no warmth in TS3 IMO, all the neat little quirks and whatnot found in TS2 just aren't there in TS3. If Generations can add to that then I may well decide to get it although I still have a feeling EA are going to half-ass it as always.

The downside of going back to TS2 isn't the loading screens as such, I'm used to waiting to play games since pretty much everything wants to install itself onto my PS3 before I can use it (¬¬) but I think I'll really miss the Create a Style and the graphics. Oh sure EA's sims look like pudding and I want to just lock them up and burn them to get their disgusting pudding heads out of my damn town... but the game is gorgeous. It's just a shame that EA totally missed the mark with everything else and took out what made The Sims truly great.

I don't know. Maybe I'll run both games; shouldn't stress the computer out to do that. I'll have to find my disks though. Or maybe I won't bother *shrug* I've just been getting the urge lately.

LOL maybe I just miss having proper apartments (and damn, I do miss them XD)

...yeah this post was pointless XD

Sunday, 20 March 2011


I have decided to challenge myself and have put myself forward for the Berry Sim modelling competition. I've never done one of these before and in all honesty I don't have a lot of experience in the way of berry sims but it's been something I've wanted to get into for a while. I just hope I get accepted.

Due to a slight in-game mishap I haven't done my in-game shot yet, I was going to do it tonight but technical difficulties have pushed that back. I'll hopefully get his other shot in tomorrow along with a bio for him. It's in my head, I just haven't written it out yet.

His name is Burumun Sorube btw - Bluemoon Sorbet in Japanese ;)


W00t! I think I'm finally overcoming my competition-block :D


Technically Kai is already dead; unfortunately that apparently does not excuse him from continuing on in the world of the living as though nothing has happened – that means attending university on a regular basis and essentially picking up his life from where he left it after his passing. Somebody really needs to teach the lingering spirits some appropriate behaviour; such as not breaking down into fits of tears in public. What was he to do? He couldn’t leave the poor girl and so he tentatively patted her back in the hopes of trying to calm her down… fortunately while the campus library was busy that afternoon people were far too engrossed in what they were doing to notice a fellow student petting thin-air.

**Note: I know my ghost looks weird. I really don’t know why. I used to be able to cheat and make them look like proper ghosts but now this looks as best as what I can get. It’s frustrating but I honestly swear that she IS supposed to be a ghost ¬¬**


I need to get in touch with EA regarding a certain someone that is polluting the forum with his bile. Unfortunately I've never had to contact EA before and living in England I don't want to go ringing California just to report this. Is there an e-mail address I can use instead? I have a couple of screenshots (thanks to a very kind simmer who capped them for me while I was at work) and I just wanted to alert them of what this little puissant is doing and how (he claims) he's able to do it.

Any suggestions? :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011


OK this is something that I've been wanting to ask because it has been bugging me lately but I haven't really found a thread in General Discussion where it would be appropriate; what is the deal lately with people having some guy in their sig?

Usually it's animated which has a tendency to lag my internet to hell when it's a long sequence or fairly large in size and... I just don't get it. :/

If it were me, I wouldn't want the same kind of signature that loads of other forum users have; if I liked something and found out that lots of other people already had that as their sig, I'd pick something else. Maybe that's just me though. I'm not complaining about it per-se I just find it really strange that so many people all seem to like this guy and I don't have a clue who he is.


The city had become overrun within a few nights. At first the ghosts or ‘spirits of the un-dead’ as they preferred to be known had been relatively peaceful towards the living and had brought countless individuals brief moments of happiness as they were given a rare opportunity to say things they never could to their loved ones.

Unfortunately such an amicable co-existence could not last. The spirits became jealous and resentful towards the living, their souls becoming bitter and twisted as they watched those whose lives had not yet ended and questioned – why us?

They turned on humanity, deciding that if they could not live in happiness then neither should anyone else. Everybody should just be dead… initially no one knew why they had taken such a sudden turn until a mysterious red-haired vixen appeared on the scene; something about her drove the spirits wild and as it turned out she had single-handedly turned them against the living.

That was when Zokai and Chiagi took it upon themselves to make a stand and defend humanity; together with a pair of devices they had knocked up in Chiagi’s workshop they set about cleaning up the city; one ghost at a time in the attempts to get to the twisted, maniacal woman behind it all.

All done! Major props to PistolKitten for the wonderful picture especially since the original plan was for me to take the shot since she was so busy - really you've truly outdone yourself here :D and really gave me a lot to work with story-wise :D

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Right. I am officially done with trying to be the somewhat snarky voice of reason on the General Discussion board. From now on if I see someone being an utter prick I'm just going to report them and have done with it.

I'm tired of people turning things around on me and making me out to be the bad guy (or accusing me of being the damn 'nice police') when all I'm doing is trying to instill some fucking human consideration. I'm losing my cool far too much lately and sooner or later I'm going to say something that'll give the gurus a reason to ban me. It's also making me look bad. I'm pretty sure I've said things over the past couple of days that were out of line so yeah, I'm done with it. If you piss me off you're getting reported, end of.

Today was a prime example of why there's just no reasoning with some people :/


My first entry for the final round of Battle of the Bands; this picture actually represents part 2 - 5 years on ^_^

Description: After the unfortunate and tragic death of Mihoki after an outdoor charity concert overran, exposing him to the sun’s deadly UV rays F.u.u.k.a was left to give birth to and raise their daughter with her other two band mates Ryutaro and Niwa’s assistance; a member short, still grieving and with a tiny little life to think of the band went on an indefinite hiatus much to the anguish of their loyal fans.

As the months slowly passed them by she began to grow particularly close to Ryutaro who had been her rock during those difficult times and a new romance soon blossomed.

However; Mihoki who had regretted his carelessness that day had lingered behind in the mortal world instead of passing on to the netherworld like all spirits are supposed to. In fact he had stayed by his girlfriend’s side all this time becoming bitter and twisted with jealousy and remorse as he not only watched her grieve for him but also move into the arms of a new lover… his close friend no less!

Enraged by the turn of events and overcome with spite he became a man possessed; a vengeful spirit consumed by his own hatred and jealousy he now frequently expresses this anger through a series of fearsome screams in a disembodied voice that no living being can hear.


Knock her all you like but I really have to hand it to Lady Gaga to put her name behind something like this. Not only is it a really cool looking band but all the proceeds are going to help Japan - which is awesome.

£3/$5 isn't a steep price to drop on something like this either. I just wish shipping to the UK hadn't been $15 for the absolute basic shipping (8-24 working days; I can send a hefty parcel to Australia for less than that and have it arrive within the week :/). Why is shipping from America so expensive anyway? Whenever I import things America always seems to add the most in shipping costs - I don't think they do it to rip me off either. Anyway to make the extortionate shipping a little better I ordered two; one for me and one for my friend so we're splitting the carriage costs.

The cynic in me however questions one thing - how many assholes are going to buy this, inflate the price and sell it on ebay for a tidy profit? I know it'll happen and it sickens me.

You can preorder the band here - the website policy is a bit odd though, it's the only site I've seen where you're not allowed to cancel a preorder :/

If you live anywhere but America I would really recommend clubbing together with a friend like I did, the site lets you get more than one and it balances out the extortionate shipping costs when you can split it. Each band only adds another $1 to the shipping cost.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Goddamnit! The General Discussion board is so infuriating right now. If the Sims & Modelling section wasn't so slow and if I didn't like having a general chit-chat with other simmers I'd ditch the whole damn thing.

I mean really; who the fuck do people think they are? Somebody makes an obvservation in a calm manner based on their own opinions and suddenly they get a whole heap of shit in return from a bunch of people that are 'offended' that not everybody likes what are aspects of American culture appearing in a game that is supposed to be neutral (which is why they speak Simlish as opposed to English) :/

For FUCK sake! Grow up. UGH!

I am so pissed off right now. - this is the thread in question.


What has happened out there is absolutely horrible and it is a good thing that they are so acustomed to quakes and the like otherwise it could have been a great deal worse. I really hope that anybody who happened to have relatives out there know that their loved ones are safe and sound.

I've donated some money to the red cross to help them out a tad :) I hope other people do the same. Not just for Japan but for any country that needs aid.

Friday, 11 March 2011


I'll be blunt, I thought it looked terrible. Perhaps I'm just being far too cynical but a lot of that so-called 'content' looked staged;

1. Weddings. Yeah big fucking deal EA. Guess what? We've been able to stage pretty much that exact scene ourselves since day one.

2. Strip-tease parties. OK first of all what they showed us was basically a couple of sims in cop uniforms dancing... um with the right positioning and buydebug you can re-create that entire scene out of the base game.

3. Sims passed out, implied they'd had a heavy night. Again you can forcibly alter their needs to suit what you want and I believe EA has done this before; crank down the energy needs and poof, sim passes out.

4. Prom. Yeah fine example EA, just show a sim jumping into another sim's arms. Base game interaction. Staged.

As for the pranks... well I can see those getting right on my bloody nerves. I can see all the houses in my sims neighbourhood eternally covered in egg, my sim constantly disturbed by fucking pranksters leaving a flaming bag of poop on their doorstep and another violent vomiting epidemic caused by a bloody stink bomb.

If I put this EP on my damn computer my community lots will be deserted because some asshole sim will do something to make them all leave. NO THANK YOU!

Absolutely nothing about this trailer actually caught my interest and turned off that cynical part of my brain. Prove me wrong EA - show me that you're not doing what you've done for every other fucking EP and SP by staging the shit out of it. Sure Late Night is my favourite EP but it's not as dynamic as the trailers made it look and they made such a big deal out Fast Lane because of the fucking cars and the 'groups' but what was it really? Just a bunch of weird-ass cars and non-interactable furnature that does NOTHING for the game.

Perhaps this is a premature rant but EA have brought this on themselves. Granted this doesnt' seem like my kind of EP in the first place but I wouldn't have been so irritable about it if EA's constant bullshitting hadn't made me such a cynic about their products.

Right now, EA can stick this EP up their damn ass. I'm not jumping through their hoop and getting all excited about shit they're showing me that I can already bloody do!

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I've made a new sim. Her name is Chloe Rivers and she's a vampire hunter. She lives with her douchebag boyfriend and her spoiled little girl whom she loves dearly. She works during the day and patrols the local vampire hangouts at night - unfortunately she's also fallen head over heels in love with a vampire. Whoops. Not only is she cheating on her boyfriend but she's also heading into enemy territory ;)

Download Link:

She's pretty much CC free except for the usual default replacement skintone and eyes. Her makeup is also CC (the lipstick is from lemonleaf, I forget where the eye makeup came from :( )

Friday, 4 March 2011


I've extended my Vampire the Masqerade competition to Monday to give people more chance to get their entries in over the weekend ^_^

I'm also planning to start my Heavy Rain competition tomorrow. I would've liked to have had more contestants in that one (and admittedly less in VTM but what can you do eh? XD) but I don't want to keep people waiting and I've got enough to get going with.

Hopefully no one'll drop out.


Right! Here it is, my entry for the final 4 of Battle of the Bands. I'm so happy that I'm already guaranteed a place in the semi-finals but nonetheless, this picture took me absolutely forever. I may regret using all the Visual Kei/Lolita outfits straight away but eh, that's what recolouring is for (besides the male attire is severely lacking in general so...)

I apologise for the rather lame Japanese name for my attire. I was going to rip off a H.Naoto brand Hangry & Angry, Punk Rave or RQ BL but it just didn't seem right to do that. Yami no Hikari translates to Dark & Light.

Monday, 28 February 2011


I finally finished my Malkavian. His name is Xaki Kurasawa ^_^

Download link:


...alright; when exactly did the comments page on the TS3 website become an excuse to freakin' advertise everything going? I don't mean to cause any offence here but I'm getting really tired of having my comments spammed by people who want me to read their legacies/watch their movies etc.

These days whenever I see that I have a new comment it's from somebody posting a link to something they want me to look at in such a way that it's clear it was just a mass copy and paste job to anybody who'll accept their comment.

I don't mind being asked to look at something! But that is entirely different!

There's a huge difference between a friendly suggestion and blatant fucking advertising and it's getting on my damn nerves! I'm sure I don't even get it as badly as other people do either. I mean I would never dream of spamming each and every one of my friend's comments pages with links to my latest sim or house so why the hell do they do it to me? ¬¬

Sunday, 27 February 2011


I've really been feeling creative lately and I'm not sure why. This is a house I've finished building today, it isn't furnished yet but I'm not quite sure which of my sims is going to be living here so I've left it for the moment.

I'm thinking of adding a basement with cages and using this as my vampire hunter sim's home but I haven't decided yet.

I'm not sure what's come over to me, this is the second large house (large for me) that I've built in two days :/

Download Link:

Aside from the terrain paint I used this is a CC-free build.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


This is Chloe Rivers; she's a mother of one and a vampire hunter in the evening... that is until she began to question her motives when she falls for a local Malkavian vampire despite the ring already on her finger.

...yeah I came up with a backstory for a change XD

I also forgot to actually export her ¬¬ go figure. I want a better picture anyway for the exchange.


I finally finished that house. It's uploaded on the exchange


So I've started furnishing the interior of the house I made. I'm actually thinking of putting this one up on the exchange... time will tell though :D

I still have a lot to get done mind you; there's the kitchen, the other bathroom, the master bedroom and the balcony and I'm too distracted with Lost Odyssey to finish those up now ^_^


Ugh! One of these days EA will make a set of damn curtains that actually fit the bloody windows! I'm so sick of having bare-ass windows but absolutely NONE of EA's will actually fit them!

I did used to have a pretty neat set of blinds modelled off the ones already in the game that would fit to any window but they've been taken down now which sucks; I have another set of blinds that do the same thing that are made of wood but TBH they look pretty shit. I mean they're certainly better than anything I could make for sure but I still don't like the look of them.

Seriously EA, would it have been so fucking hard for you to make the curtains fit to the fuckin' windows!?

Friday, 25 February 2011


Just a small update tonight of a house that I built. I've downloaded the Late Night edition of LA although I had to patch up to get it to work. I took this as an opportunity to also remove the awesomemod since I had to start again anyway.

I haven't furnished the interior yet ^_^;

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Just a short post on this; I'm not going to speculate why the Mares have made their blog private because it isn't my place to do so, I just really hope that nothing serious has happened and that they are OK.


I shouldn't be doing this but this idea is driving me crazy so what the hell.

I present the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines modelling competition!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


So I'm thinking of starting a modelling competition. Not right now since I'm swamped but when things start to settle down a bit so I can dedicate some time to it.

I've had this epic idea for a while now and I really want to give it a shot. Late Night will probably be a requirement though.


Well at least I've managed to get one shoot done today ^_^;

I feel bad for dropping the Beauty Modelling competition but I'm just too busy right now to keep up with all 3 competitions.

I had to do a music video for a re-make of a movie. I decided to pick The Matrix because I absolutely love that movie. I think my favourite scene aside from the chase through apartments and the epic finale in the hallway (that would've been impossible to do with all 4 sims) was the battle in the subway when Neo decides to stand and fight instead of running.

I started out replicating that scene; then I realized that the challenge wasn't to reinact it, just to do a video for it so I came up with this ^_^

Funnily enough I don't actually HAVE a Matrix pattern in my game ^_^;


I'm so annoyed right now. Turns out Vanity is due a lot sooner than I thought; I have no idea why I thought it was longer but whatever. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with some thing decent and all I have is a load of shit. No pictures but quite frankly I wouldn't submit them even if I had taken some because it's shit.

When it comes to fucking romance - even with an edge I get an idea block. Romance and I do not gel. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Fortunately there are others who haven't submitted yet but considering all I have is a load of fucking SHIT it's highly unlikely I'm going to submit anytime soon.

A part of me wants to drop just because everything I'm doing right now isn't worth me looking at it let alone being judged ¬¬

I wont. But I have no damn clue what I'm going to do. I don't want to be eliminated for this but I have no doubts that's what'll happen.

FUCK. I bloody HATE romance shoots ¬¬

I just don't have time for this either. I think I'll have to drop one of the competitions.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Just a few brief snapshots of builds I've been doing in my town.

I should stop procrastinating and do those modelling competition pics since I've got 3 that've lined up all at once but there's just something so... off-putting about doing a romance themed shoot, I suppose it's just because the whole lovey-dovey business just isn't my thing ^_^; ahh well, I'll get them done before D-Day (at least Vid gave me an edgy/gritty take on it which helps me a lot!) and modelling is all about pulling off the shot even if it's something that isn't your style. I actually have a pretty solid idea for Battle of the Bands but that requires me to build a rather specific set... so I haven't gotten around to it yet.


I did it! I beat the Warrens! No more head/vagina monsters for me! Yay!

Also went to see Paul today. I'm so glad I did; the movie itself is hilarious and Paul is such a great character. I think I might have to download it until it comes out on Blu Ray so I can watch it again ^_^

Anyway! I felt inspired today so I finally finished an apartment I had been working on.

It's set over two stories but it's still on the small side like all my builds. There are a few other livable spaces too, about 4 or 5 I think but only 2 are actually set over 2 levels.

I might put this one on the exchange, I'm not sure :/