Thursday, 20 January 2011


Just some random pictures taken from my town. I'm using a pre-made world... Redcliff I think it's called.

I'm gradually replacing the pre-made buildings with my own. It's taking a long time and it's a pain in the ass because I suck at building.

I placed the skyscrapers and made a lot of the houses, but the community lots were made by the world's creator.

Actually while I'm on the subject; why do the houses in the distance look like this? I have all my graphics maxed ¬¬

I've also been working on a new sim. I was in an anime mood (this is what happens when you binge on Fullmetal Alchemist) so I decided to try and make Roy Mustang... got annoyed because it wasn't working out (I think the random generated sim was defective, there's some weird stuff going on with his mouth that I just can't fix and his ears seem extremely low even though there are no sliders for ear height ¬¬) so in the end I kind of tweaked him a bit more and turned him into an original sim.


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