Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I actually made him from the same template EA sim I used to make Shinu. I created Kaiji first (hence why their eyes are so similar) but because I hadn’t moved him into my game yet I abstained from uploading him.

I’m sorry that the pictures lack my usual style, I wasn’t feeling too well when I moved him in so his house isn’t furnished yet. I just posed him in front of the pretty wallpaper XDDD

Unlike Shinu, Kaiji is much softer and calmer. I did toy with the ideas of making them lovers because in my head they’re the complete opposite of one another – I still might actually, but for the time being he lives in a small Japanese-inspired suburban house away from the skyscrapers.

Funnily enough I was going to name him Kanji Tatsumi but I try not to steal both forenames and surnames from the same character. For anyone whose interested Kaiji is the name of a Japanese DVD released over here in the UK called Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler. It wasn’t half bad either… if rather cheesy XD

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