Saturday, 18 September 2010


I've been working on that house again. Aside from a few minor details I've finished it off and I've even gone as far as to move in a family.

I still couldn't think of anything to do with the garden other than sticking a clothes line out there but meh, I'm sure I'll think of something. I'm thinking about putting the guy up for download. He's not one of my usual pretty-boys and I like that about him although I made him like that completely by accident XD;

Friday, 17 September 2010


...-she was the only one he had ever loved; a mortal woman whose name was down on his list. Her death had always been inevitable; set in stone but when she died four months early of her death date White-Lotus found himself unable to cope.

So distraught at her premature death he took it upon himself to do the unforgivable. He tried to bring her back. Ultimately this action failed; her soul was ready to pass on to the afterlife that she deserved and when her deceased body rejected his attempts to return her soul she took out her anger on him, forever cursing his name and his enthusiasm quickly turned to bewilderment... though he still clung to the hope that he would be forgiven.

Unfortunately it did not and her rage was perfectly justified. It is not just the Shinigami that attempts such a forbidden act that pays the price; but the immortal soul of the individual they attempted to bring back.

The sole purpose of a Shinigami is to collect the souls of the deceased and guide them on to the afterlife. Although they possess a variety of powers that they are able to use at their digression there is one act that is absolutely FORBIDDEN and that is withholding a soul from the afterlife to try and bring the individual back to life; effectively cheating death.

For his actions, White-Lotus was demoted, stripped of most of his powers and banished from the Shinigami realm.

So this is my first entry for the Holding out for a Hero competition. It took me a surprisingly long time to do this, mainly because Reno (White-Lotus) wouldn't stop pulling stupid faces. In the end I wound up incorporating that damn grin of his into my story. I wanted him to look either elated or like his entire world had just come crumbling to pieces around him... that little hopeful smile kinda' ruined it a bit but with an alteration to the story I think it still works.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dear EA...

I know that the forum does not make you any money. I know that technically you do not have to provide us with any kind of community experience whatsoever but COME ON! The forum has been broken for months now. Is it REALLY that difficult to just spare one of your technical guys to fix the damn thing?

If I'm not being white-screened when I try to post a comment or hell even read a thread I'm getting a mass of code, forum headers without forums or being forced to log myself in when I only want to view the forum for a few seconds and thus cannot be bothered to log myself in (not to mention your stupid site keeps logging me out in the first place ¬¬) - OK you probably implimented the latter to fix the problem with the anonymous trolls but that was a problem that your techie web guys created in the first place. Fix the initial problem, don't add another irritant.

I know there are much more important things in the world than having a working forum but seriously, your forum is like a giant advertisement for how unstable and broken your damn game is. Prove me wrong EA. Prove me wrong.



Been working on a new house that I'm rather pleased with. I was going for traditional-Japanese without any reference pictures... in all honesty it was more inspired by video games and anime than real life.

It's still a work in progress (I fail massively at landscaping - I have no idea what to do with the 'garden' area other than having a koi pond because I think it looks pretty) but what do you guys think?

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Megumi-chan is now uploaded onto my TS3 page on the main site. I also took a few more pictures with her finished apartment. Unfortunately I'm not sure what happened but my lighting became really buggy; even though I was using the same lights throughout and had a ceiling some of them refused to work. I'm wondering if it was the windows since the glass has this unusual sheen to it...

Anyway I demolished the lot since taking these pictures and I decided to make Megumi a boyfriend in CAS as opposed to having her steal one of my other simmie's for her own.

(Gnah - bad picture! Though a paparazzi's dream I imagine - I can just picture this in Heat magazine with a big red circle XD)

She would not stop pulling that stupid face. It's not cute and it was deeply annoying XD

I just wanted a full length shot. See what I mean about the windows? Why are they reflecting the colour of the floor anyway? I'm sure the EA windows don't do that.

Soul Kijiro - her poor sucker of a boyfriend XD I'll get some proper in-game shots of him when I make their new house.

Saturday, 11 September 2010


Ahh my ill-fated Grunge Modelling entry - ill fated because I had to drop out. I had been so pleased with this one too; I thought I'd share it here because I put a lot of effort into it and it still sucks that I couldn't move on in the competition. Damn computer... XD

Edit: The set is basically comprised of a foundation, wall-pillars (one square wide), a few hanging lamps and the base-game wooden fence recoloured to look like train tracks. I stuck a roof on top since I couldn't be bothered waiting for the darkness I needed to come along naturally in-game.


Yo! Dark here with a preview of a brand new simmie. Since the impromtu death and ressurrection of my computer I haven't really felt much like simming. Plus it took over an hour to load my game the last time I ran it (I think that's what having 1.5gb of CC does to an old relic of a machine ^_^; ) - I'm hoping to get some more RAM to tied me over until I get the new computer since it certainly isn't disk space causing the problem XD;

Her name is Megumi Kusanagi. I've loosely based her off a character from an anime I have gotten rather into lately; Shiki. Megumi is childish, a hopeless romantic, mean spirited... and I'm a numpty and can't remember what other traits I gave to her ^_^;

Absolutely loving that new Loud set on the store. It's about time EA brought out something more edgy as opposed to all that themed fifties crap. The top is from the Loud store set, the skirt is base game, the boots are also from the Loud store set and the suspenders/tights are from Lemon Leaf - they're part of the maid outfit but they can be installed seperately - although for some reason you can't recolour the suspender part... something that frustrates me deeply because I'm anal about having all my stuff matching. (Her apartment is unfinished - hence why the background objects look so randomly coloured)

She's a fully finished sim. The only reason why I don't have an upload link is because I'm an idiot and thought I'd sent her to the launcher when I didn't *facepalm*. It's getting late now so I'll upload her sometime tomorrow provided I can get on the game.

In other news; I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World tonight. It was freakin' awesome! I mean it was showing in a crappy screen because there are too many big box office movies on at the moment but still... it was epic!

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well the impromptu death of my computer kind of killed everything TS3 related for a while... well that and a crippling obsession with Persona 4.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be replacing the old rig just yet. She's back up and running thank goodness but I needed new glasses and... well I have quirky/expensive taste so that set me back £160 ^_^;

I should be getting back into the game at least though. It's just a shame I won't be able to play it on the swish Dell computer I've had my eye on for several months.

Oh well. There's always next month. Gnah I've only just cleared my credit card and I'm already planning to give it another hammering. XD