Thursday, 6 January 2011


Sod it. I know I said I was going to wait until the exchange was fixed but goodness knows when that'll happen ¬¬

His name is Tohru Notama

CC List:
Skintone: Default Replacement "Asian" Skintone (Mod The Sims)
Eyes: Default Replacement (Subaxi)
Hair: Peggy (Free)
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Nail Polish (not shown): Club Crimsyn
Pants: MYOS

**Made using additional sliders from Mod The Sims - including the Elf Ear sliders. Should look as pictured even without these sliders provided the sliders are left alone in CAS**

I use .package files. I'm afraid pretty much all of my CC is not transferrable.


AzaraRumohra said...

He's awesome, You're KIDDING about the skin xD I can NEVER get my sims to look different from another using it.. starting from scratch x) He looks so different from mine x)
I did the same thing with the exchange, I recently uploaded two more (The ones in my sig)They look the same *sigh* because I didn't want to wait for it to be fixed x), Unfortunately, my launcher doesn't work, so I can't download him, but i'll certainly rec, and press the download button (Yes.. 3 Popups come up for me before it lets me download, so when I click it.. if I press no to a popup.. it still counts as a download :9)

Darkslayer said...

Aww thank you ^_^ and yeah; personally I love that skin. I tried Subaxi's and Ladyfrontbum's but it made my sims look weird so I reverted back to this one.

I've used it pretty much ever since it came out though I recently updated to the one with more muscle definition.

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