Wednesday, 5 January 2011

GIFTING MOOD EH? you're in a gifting mood are you Hydra? That's wonderful. Let me just hop on over to the store and fill my Wishlist with a load of misc decor crap :/ nevermind the fact that these gifts do not come out of your own pocket like how your lot expects us to gift. No you just have a magic simpoint button that gives you free things to bestow upon your hapless peons.

Tch. No wonder there are beggers on the TS3 forum when the gurus themselves practically encourage it ¬¬ perhaps when Hydra or any of the other 'generous' gurus use money out of their own pockets it'll mean more to me. IMO there's really not much thought in giving something away that you didn't have to pay for in the first place.


On a much more personal note there's a petition in the store sub-forum that actually kind of pissed me off; I believe that the $200 limit is there for our protection. As a victim of credit card fraud myself (£1,000) I know how fucking violating it really feels to have someone steal from you like that - the stress was horrible and while I managed to get the charge removed (because it was only 1 charge as opposed to lots of different ones - apparently you have to go to the police if there are several items) it was still a very unpleasant experience. EA have done something fucking right for a change and they should damn well keep that $200 limit there. What's worse? Somebody frauding your card for $200 worth of virtual items or more?

There's really no one in particular this is directed at, I just needed to vent more than anything. There was more but I think I was out of order, so I've removed it.

What's with me lately? I usually try not to comment too much on the goings on in the forums, especially in a sub-forum I honestly don't tend to hang around in all that much.


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