Sunday, 2 January 2011


I had forgotten just how addictive playing Persona 4 could be. I'm doing rather well at the moment. Just beat the Striptease dungeon ^_^

My current team is: Yosuke, Chie and Kanji but I'm thinking of swapping out Chie for Teddie since I really do need a healer, Chie never learns her -Dyne spells and I absolutely can't stand Yukiko (she's such a self-centred character and she's the only one who never seemed to actually learn the true meaning behind her Shadow's words ¬¬). I'm at level 34 at the moment ^_^

I wish Romi Paku did English voices, that way Naoto would be so much better. It's a shame really since most of the voice acting is really great but there's just no comparison between the English and Japanese versions of Naoto - Romi Paku simply did a much better job.


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