Sunday, 13 March 2011


Knock her all you like but I really have to hand it to Lady Gaga to put her name behind something like this. Not only is it a really cool looking band but all the proceeds are going to help Japan - which is awesome.

£3/$5 isn't a steep price to drop on something like this either. I just wish shipping to the UK hadn't been $15 for the absolute basic shipping (8-24 working days; I can send a hefty parcel to Australia for less than that and have it arrive within the week :/). Why is shipping from America so expensive anyway? Whenever I import things America always seems to add the most in shipping costs - I don't think they do it to rip me off either. Anyway to make the extortionate shipping a little better I ordered two; one for me and one for my friend so we're splitting the carriage costs.

The cynic in me however questions one thing - how many assholes are going to buy this, inflate the price and sell it on ebay for a tidy profit? I know it'll happen and it sickens me.

You can preorder the band here - the website policy is a bit odd though, it's the only site I've seen where you're not allowed to cancel a preorder :/

If you live anywhere but America I would really recommend clubbing together with a friend like I did, the site lets you get more than one and it balances out the extortionate shipping costs when you can split it. Each band only adds another $1 to the shipping cost.


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