Sunday, 13 March 2011


My first entry for the final round of Battle of the Bands; this picture actually represents part 2 - 5 years on ^_^

Description: After the unfortunate and tragic death of Mihoki after an outdoor charity concert overran, exposing him to the sun’s deadly UV rays F.u.u.k.a was left to give birth to and raise their daughter with her other two band mates Ryutaro and Niwa’s assistance; a member short, still grieving and with a tiny little life to think of the band went on an indefinite hiatus much to the anguish of their loyal fans.

As the months slowly passed them by she began to grow particularly close to Ryutaro who had been her rock during those difficult times and a new romance soon blossomed.

However; Mihoki who had regretted his carelessness that day had lingered behind in the mortal world instead of passing on to the netherworld like all spirits are supposed to. In fact he had stayed by his girlfriend’s side all this time becoming bitter and twisted with jealousy and remorse as he not only watched her grieve for him but also move into the arms of a new lover… his close friend no less!

Enraged by the turn of events and overcome with spite he became a man possessed; a vengeful spirit consumed by his own hatred and jealousy he now frequently expresses this anger through a series of fearsome screams in a disembodied voice that no living being can hear.


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