Friday, 8 April 2011


I'm quite torn about the new poses that are available. Don't get me wrong I think they look cool but IMO I think they're kind of a cheap way to get an above-average modelling shot. I'm not sure how I'd feel about competing next to someone who can get a shot like that with next to no effort (OK I know making it work is a bitch but bear with me here). When I take my pictures I can spend hours at a time sifting through shot after shot looking for something where everything lines up properly. I'd be pretty damn pissed off if someone cheated and used a pose box, spent about 5 minutes on their entry and ended up winning because of it. That's just my two cents anyway (and I bet blogger deletes my paragraphs again ¬¬) - there's something about these pose boxes that is making me a bit... I dunno', like I said as cool as they are it just seems kind of cheap in comparison to putting the effort in yourself but then I feel the same way about editing in general, face plastering, hair drawing and putting a sim on a totally different background - perhaps it's just me and how I am. Obviously though because I am hosting a competition I'm going to remain impartial towards it - if someone happens to use it then fine that's OK but I'm still going to mark on their picture quality overall rather than 'ZOMG the model is POSING!!!! FULL MARKS :D' ¬¬


Darkslayer said...


What the heck is wrong with this thing?

Kittycattylion said...

LOL! -agreed-

Vidkid20 said...

Yea, I kinda think of it as cheating. As a comp host I don't mind as it's really about the picture itself, but I don't think I would use it myself.

Zeri said...

i pretty much agree.

JKAmaryllis said...

I like the idea, and it's kind of neat, but I honestly find the best, most natural looking poses just messing around with different interactions. That's one reason that once in a while I'll actually play my game just to play it.. if you watch you'll find some interesting poses if you just turn moveobjects on and delete something ;)

Pistolkitten said...

The custom poses available right now would only really work for fashion shoots, unless you also then edit an expression on their face hehe.

I would only use some of the newer ones, since a lot of them look unnatural and stiff, and then for a good non fashion picture there would have to be a hell of a lot more going on in the image in order for me to submit it.

Chicago said...

I think it depends on the competition. I would rather use the pose box just for other creative purposes, such as stories, random pictures, or machinimas.

Also I think if it is used for a competition, then it might be useful for those who like editing comps. There are many ways people can twist these things to their advantage. :)

CelSera said...

I was over the MOON when I first heard about them, before I'd had a chance to really look. I'm still excited about some of the possibilities, but like JK said some of the best poses come from interactions and animations.

Many of these new poses are verrry stiff, and with the sim's head looking straight-forward, expressionless, it's almost like posing a stiff-armed barbie doll, twisting the head around to one side (or not at all). Some of them would be really cool for glamor/portrait/modeling shots. One of the problems I have is with the hands (most of the newly uploaded poses have cool body angles but pancake-flat hands) - are they moveable/poseable?

I'm still holding out hope that we can get some cool pictures out of these. I'm anxious to experiment with it.

And also, it makes me wonder what effect the new poses will have on pose combining. I could see people focusing a little more on face combing/editing to counter some of the issues with that.

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