Sunday, 20 March 2011


I need to get in touch with EA regarding a certain someone that is polluting the forum with his bile. Unfortunately I've never had to contact EA before and living in England I don't want to go ringing California just to report this. Is there an e-mail address I can use instead? I have a couple of screenshots (thanks to a very kind simmer who capped them for me while I was at work) and I just wanted to alert them of what this little puissant is doing and how (he claims) he's able to do it.

Any suggestions? :)


LE said...

You have a few options: 1. Use Live Chat. Except I don't recommend it. It's a fail way to get a hold of them.
2. Call them, and they'll direct you to an email to send the screenies too.
3. Explain to Hydra or even SimGuru Shannon (as she took over for Grant apparently) via gift or My Comments and ask them what email you can send your concerns too. Explain why you feel Live Chat wouldn't give you the satisfaction you seek, and you are in England and can't afford the LD Bill.
4. Have an American or Canadian call EA up on your behalf and get them to get the email for you and/or possibly send the screens to them.

Pistolkitten said...

Oh you're talking about that ass thats getting registration codes from talking to EA techs who have down syndrome lol.....yeah, hope you get em if he really is scamming.

Darkslayer said...

@LE: Thanks for the suggestions, I've left a message on another blog for the time being so I'll see what comes of that. I can't believe there isn't a simple e-mail address for people to contact, that's pathetic. Nice of EA not to think that there are people outside the USA with issues to contribute ¬¬

@PK: Yep that's the one. The little shit has been spreading hate messages across the forum and from what I've seen on other people's blogs he's trying to extort people either. It's terrible! It's all well and good for adults to recieve messages like that because they're clued up enough to know that it's a load of BS but if they do it to a kid... it's so horrible.

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