Friday, 11 March 2011


I'll be blunt, I thought it looked terrible. Perhaps I'm just being far too cynical but a lot of that so-called 'content' looked staged;

1. Weddings. Yeah big fucking deal EA. Guess what? We've been able to stage pretty much that exact scene ourselves since day one.

2. Strip-tease parties. OK first of all what they showed us was basically a couple of sims in cop uniforms dancing... um with the right positioning and buydebug you can re-create that entire scene out of the base game.

3. Sims passed out, implied they'd had a heavy night. Again you can forcibly alter their needs to suit what you want and I believe EA has done this before; crank down the energy needs and poof, sim passes out.

4. Prom. Yeah fine example EA, just show a sim jumping into another sim's arms. Base game interaction. Staged.

As for the pranks... well I can see those getting right on my bloody nerves. I can see all the houses in my sims neighbourhood eternally covered in egg, my sim constantly disturbed by fucking pranksters leaving a flaming bag of poop on their doorstep and another violent vomiting epidemic caused by a bloody stink bomb.

If I put this EP on my damn computer my community lots will be deserted because some asshole sim will do something to make them all leave. NO THANK YOU!

Absolutely nothing about this trailer actually caught my interest and turned off that cynical part of my brain. Prove me wrong EA - show me that you're not doing what you've done for every other fucking EP and SP by staging the shit out of it. Sure Late Night is my favourite EP but it's not as dynamic as the trailers made it look and they made such a big deal out Fast Lane because of the fucking cars and the 'groups' but what was it really? Just a bunch of weird-ass cars and non-interactable furnature that does NOTHING for the game.

Perhaps this is a premature rant but EA have brought this on themselves. Granted this doesnt' seem like my kind of EP in the first place but I wouldn't have been so irritable about it if EA's constant bullshitting hadn't made me such a cynic about their products.

Right now, EA can stick this EP up their damn ass. I'm not jumping through their hoop and getting all excited about shit they're showing me that I can already bloody do!


Pistolkitten said...

I think it looks great! Theres a number of things in there we need...assuming it all gets included. Things for teens and children to do, Proper weddings, decent teen romance, hairy chests. I did spy a waterslide which soooo better be in there. Sure the trailers are usually totally bullshit anyways...but I think they are going in the right direction, the games animations and activities for all age levels need to be fleshed out more. Then add Pets and Seasons and we are starting to get more of a decent Sims 3 going on here hehe

Darkslayer said...

Seasons is an EP that I really want but I can wait; I don't think it helps that I'm generally not someone who plays the family aspect much. Most of my sims live alone in apartments or with roommates XD

Chicago said...

I'm somewhat excited about generations..but bent on the Sims 3 Pets trailer. From what I heard and saw it comes out Oct '11. I hope it stays on that schedule so all I have next to wait on are seasons.

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