Saturday, 12 March 2011


What has happened out there is absolutely horrible and it is a good thing that they are so acustomed to quakes and the like otherwise it could have been a great deal worse. I really hope that anybody who happened to have relatives out there know that their loved ones are safe and sound.

I've donated some money to the red cross to help them out a tad :) I hope other people do the same. Not just for Japan but for any country that needs aid.


JKAmaryllis said...

I agree. There has been so much disaster and pain in the world lately and my thoughts are with them.

I'm glad it's been made so easy to donate money. That whole texting thing was a cool idea.

Darkslayer said...

Yeah I just logged onto the Red Cross website and donated that way. There's even a tax relief on the donations; basically if you tick a box you can give some of the money you would ordinarily give to the Government in income tax to the appeal for no extra fee to you which is a really neat idea.

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