Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I'm actually very anxious at the moment because I think I have been too harsh with someone in particular. I'm new to the judging scene and I try to be as honest as possible - when I'm faced with so many wonderful entries scoring them is extremely difficult and so when I see something that -to me- looks like the entrant didn't even try... it irritates me. I'll feel absolutely awful if I've completely misinterpreted the picture but being active in the modelling community myself I know how much time and effort goes into some of these shots and... well I just didn't see it. I didn't really see anything; not even the model and certainly not the assignment brief. I'm so nervous about how they'll react to it though. A part of me is thinking that I should've tried harder to score it but at the same time I kept pouring over it, trying my damndest. I've never seen this happen before in any competition I've been in and I honestly have no experience in it. I think... I'd like for someone to say that I did the right thing or that they got the same vibe that I did just to make me feel better. I'm actually scared ^_^; Scoring freakin' sucks! XD


JKAmaryllis said...

It's one of my least favorite parts, because I'd rather just chill and enjoy the pics and not have to "ruin" them by going over them with a critical eye. Here is the thing though, if someone isn't trying and just throws something together, why bother? I know I am in too many comps I'm sure, and sometimes I do feel a bit rushed, but for God sakes have some pride in your work. There are some people I feel like join multiple multiple comps and only put enough effort to write "So and so was here" on the wall and have their name be seen in the comp. Don't feel bad about it. Know that most of us will appreciate the honest feedback.

Darkslayer said...

Thank you very much :) I am feeling better about it now. I don't think I'm cut out for this judging business XDDD

Still! Experience is what I need so hopefully I'll see judging in a better light soon XD

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