Saturday, 19 March 2011


The city had become overrun within a few nights. At first the ghosts or ‘spirits of the un-dead’ as they preferred to be known had been relatively peaceful towards the living and had brought countless individuals brief moments of happiness as they were given a rare opportunity to say things they never could to their loved ones.

Unfortunately such an amicable co-existence could not last. The spirits became jealous and resentful towards the living, their souls becoming bitter and twisted as they watched those whose lives had not yet ended and questioned – why us?

They turned on humanity, deciding that if they could not live in happiness then neither should anyone else. Everybody should just be dead… initially no one knew why they had taken such a sudden turn until a mysterious red-haired vixen appeared on the scene; something about her drove the spirits wild and as it turned out she had single-handedly turned them against the living.

That was when Zokai and Chiagi took it upon themselves to make a stand and defend humanity; together with a pair of devices they had knocked up in Chiagi’s workshop they set about cleaning up the city; one ghost at a time in the attempts to get to the twisted, maniacal woman behind it all.

All done! Major props to PistolKitten for the wonderful picture especially since the original plan was for me to take the shot since she was so busy - really you've truly outdone yourself here :D and really gave me a lot to work with story-wise :D


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