Sunday, 6 March 2011


I've made a new sim. Her name is Chloe Rivers and she's a vampire hunter. She lives with her douchebag boyfriend and her spoiled little girl whom she loves dearly. She works during the day and patrols the local vampire hangouts at night - unfortunately she's also fallen head over heels in love with a vampire. Whoops. Not only is she cheating on her boyfriend but she's also heading into enemy territory ;)

Download Link:

She's pretty much CC free except for the usual default replacement skintone and eyes. Her makeup is also CC (the lipstick is from lemonleaf, I forget where the eye makeup came from :( )


Anonymous said...


Darkslayer said...

Thank you :D

CelSera said...

DS, she's stunning! You make the best looking sims, I swear...lolz total gushing fangirl over here ^_^ And your Battle of the Bands picture just made my frikkin jaw drop. That needs to be an in-game poster!

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