Monday, 28 February 2011


...alright; when exactly did the comments page on the TS3 website become an excuse to freakin' advertise everything going? I don't mean to cause any offence here but I'm getting really tired of having my comments spammed by people who want me to read their legacies/watch their movies etc.

These days whenever I see that I have a new comment it's from somebody posting a link to something they want me to look at in such a way that it's clear it was just a mass copy and paste job to anybody who'll accept their comment.

I don't mind being asked to look at something! But that is entirely different!

There's a huge difference between a friendly suggestion and blatant fucking advertising and it's getting on my damn nerves! I'm sure I don't even get it as badly as other people do either. I mean I would never dream of spamming each and every one of my friend's comments pages with links to my latest sim or house so why the hell do they do it to me? ¬¬


cupcake said...

I know what you mean and they are most definately copying and pasting it since I see the people that had advertised their stuff in my comments on other people's comment pages posting the same exact thing.
I've thought about just deleting them and posting a notice about it since its basically like getting spam mail.

Zeri said...

yeah for real, its getting ridiculous. i dont like deleting comments, but i refuse to just keep such ad whoring all over my comment page.

xXAngelicEvilXx said...

I know what you mean, Dark. You're definitely not alone. I've already removed one person from the friend's list for it, and I won't hesitate to do it again either. That or just disable commenting...which I think you can do. Can't remember

Darkslayer said...

I've toyed with deleting them as well but I don't want to come across as being a bitch... but I don't like it that people are essentially using my page as free advertising for their stuff.

If they paid me it'd be a different story ;)

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