Sunday, 31 October 2010


Well I've finished. I think I just have to face facts that I'm pretty shit at doing exteriors. Ahh well!

I've tweaked a couple of things here and there since I posted pictures, most of it was just interior design crap.

These are the stairs that lead down to the tattoo parlour downstairs.

Bathroom. It wouldn't be a classy boutique without one.

The tattoo parlour downstairs in the basement.

I did a bit of play testing on this lot but my game wasn't coopreating. For some reason when I spoke to the tattooist the action kept dropping out. I sent Vincent downstairs to check the place was accessible and it was but then the tattooist went and buggered off so I couldn't try it again.
I think the problem was the chair; I'd used Moveobjects to place it further against the wall so I could fit in the drawers diagonally but I've sinced moved it. The chair is pretty much in the same place but on its proper grid and the drawers are no longer positioned diagonally. I hope that fixed the problem.

Yeah... I forgot to take a new picture.

Vincent's right at home ^_^

Right; I couldn't begin to list the location of the CC in here. Some of this CC I picked up from downloading somebody else's house. I've grabbed as much of it as I can identify from my mods folder and dropped it into the zip file.

**Note: Not all of the file names were particularly clear. Blame the CC creators since I never re-name any CC I get. I hope this is OK ^_^; I've probably put in more CC than what I have actually used; this is due to a few dodgy file names and my tendency to add a crapload of CC all at once so I never know what name spawned what object. I'm SO sorry if I missed anything.
Straight away I know that the graffiti on the wall behind Vincent will NOT be in the rar file. I couldn't find it, sorry ^_^;

I have also included CC called 'Darkslayer's Paintings'. These were my first and only venture into the TSR workshop. NONE of the artwork is mine and I haven't had permission which is why I've never officially shared it. I've used these paintings in my game a lot and I haven't had issues but if you happen to have issues with it please let me know.**

Phew! I think that's everything.

On another note how do make it so that you can have like a 'read more' link on here so people aren't forced to wait for their internet to load all my long posts?
Edit: Whoops! I forgot to mention that I've included the fully furnished lot and the shell. I'm sure there are a lot of people who'll do a better job at it than me, I'm not really a builder ^_^;


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