Friday, 15 October 2010


So... Persona 3 PSP is kind of consuming my life right now. FemC is just too adorable!



CelSera said...

I played P3 FES on the playstation and my GAWD was I addicted to that game. I ADORE it, and I have YET to even open my Persona 4 game....I promised myself I wouldn't open it (shrink wrap and all) until I completely finished The Journey in P3, but I got distracted with Mass Effect and then TS3 again, and I STILL haven't finished it! I'm at the very end, just days before the final fight, and for some reason I'm really procrastinating on finishing it. Something about not wanting it to end or some bs...I dunno.

P3 PSP sounds awesome, and the feMC looks really cute on the cover. If I had a PSP I'd be in heaven now... :(

Keep me posted on your progress...pretty please? LOL I have to live vicariously through you with that game! xD

Darkslayer said...

I had actually come pretty close to beating the game but I had made a few mistakes along the way; like being 1 rank away from maxing Shinjiro and completely missnig the flags to bring Chidori back for poor Junpei so I ended the game on the 31st December. I felt bad for Ryoji but... it needed to be done because I'm a completionist and the fact that I had missed those things bothered me.

(Well. That and I'd missed a flag to make Akihiko my romantic interest).

I'm on a new game plus now which will make the S-Links easier anyway since I don't have to bother studying and the like.

Surprisingly I found that losing actually running around school etc isn't really that bad. The only thing I'd say is a bit disappointing is that the anime cutscenes were removed but even then it doesn't really spoil my enjoyment of the game that much.

Heh. I actually ended up importing it. The UK still doesn't have a release date so I bought it from Amazon off someone who had the American version. Depending on what freebies we get with it when it finally gets a date I might buy the UK version and sell the American version.

Persona 4 is epic too but I always seem to get sick of it before Heaven for some reason. I'm hoping they'll put P4 onto the PSP too - preferably with a FeMC so I can date Yosouke & Kanji ;)

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