Saturday, 30 October 2010


So my gym was a flop. I'm not quite sure what went wrong with it but when I play tested it my sims threw an absolute fit so it's gone now.

In it's space I've decided to start on a small project I've had in mind for some time; a boutique/tattoo parlour.

I've gotten the basic structure of the boutique down. It's currently unfurnished apart from a small fireplace but I'm liking the space so far.

I'll probably start on the tattoo parlour which is located down in the basement tomorrow.

The exterior; the terrain paints come from TSR but as that site is the devil incarnate you can also get them from APMBD. I think Cyclonesue made them (of course APMBD may also be a devil incarnate - I'll leave it to you guys to choose your poison :D)

Just a quick snapshot of some of the space. I got the wood texture from TSR. I forget who from though but it was a freebie. That stupid plant is still poking through the wall. I've moved it around about 4 times already ¬¬

The lone part I can call furnished. No CC used here. I'm planning to transfer these lots to my new computer when I get it so aside from flooring and the like I'm trying not to use too much CC because it's likely I won't be able to find it again.


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