Sunday, 17 October 2010


Sundays suck. Generally they're really boring since I have a tendency not to want to play video games like I do during the week because time flies too quickly. Odd isn't it? I get bored on Sundays and hate them with a passion but I resent them being over because the weekends always go too quick.

It's Monday tomorrow. This I am not happy about XD

Still. The Mummy Returns is on tonight. After that I'm torn between digging out my Die Hard DVD or finally getting around to un-boxing and watching Soul Eater. I bought the DVDs ages ago but I just haven't gotten around to putting them to use yet. Speaking of; why did this series not get a Blu-Ray release? It's crazy.

I reached the top of the second block today in Persona 3 PSP. I might be a bit underlevelled - the game is being a bitch at giving me EXP. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on Normal Mode, on New Game Plus with FeMC at level 64 but it's taking forever to level up Junpei and Yukari. They're both level 13 at the moment and I went to Tartarus when Theo told me the path had opened up so... I basically have an entire month of social linking since I picked up all the crap he wanted for his quests at the same time.

I might go back and level some more but FeMC is creaming everything in sight at the moment with Garudyne so... I might leave it a bit and power level them when the game starts giving me some decent EXP or more EXP shuffle cards.


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