Saturday, 30 October 2010


Since the tattoo parlour was only small it didn't take me long to decorate and furnish it.

The waiting area. I know that tattoo parlours have to be hygenic and all but I've yet to seen a clinical tattoo parlour with white walls and stainless steel fittings XD

The chair of doom! :D

Random shot of some sinks ^_^


Westie said...

But they're NICE sinks :D

CelSera said...

DS, that is so frikkin COOL. I LOVE it and I want it! ;D

Darkslayer said...

Aww thanks guys ^_^

@CelSera: I'm intending to upload the lot once I've finished it. I've already got the empty shell waiting to be uploaded but I need to finish furnishing the boutique above, then I'll upload it fully furnished.

I'm trying not to use too much CC but I'll compile a list for what I do use too since most of it is in .package format and won't transfer.

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