Sunday, 24 October 2010


I appreciate that you are getting on in years. You have been a faithful and loyal, constant companion of mine and sure, you’re noisy as hell and I have to turn up the volume of everything else just to hear things properly but that is something that I’ve always overlooked. Hell it’s your charm I suppose.

Unfortunately it seems that you’re beginning to have problems with your memory… I say beginning when really I mean that it’s becoming a major pain in the ass. I only ask you to run one game; you know that I mostly gave up PC gaming in the form of console gaming but when I sit down to play The Sims I get the same problem time and time again.

You have a very good DVD drive yet for some reason you seem to forget about this completely… rebooting can get annoying the fifth or sixth time that you have to do it but you seem to be unable to re-connect to your DVD drive when I get it to work without a reboot – where you proceed to forget about it again.

It’s gotten worse lately. Is this because you know I am replacing you for a newer, sleeker and quieter model? It’s not you; it’s me. I’m a perfectionist and a graphics whore – you have made me very happy over the years but you’ve reached your limit break and I need something that has a little more oomph to suit my needs.

So please try a little harder to remember that you have a DVD drive, stop forgetting to finish booting up so you don’t end up hanging in the black and white coding bit and stop confusing Windows XP so it tells me that ‘a serious error has occurred’ when you load up my desktop after I boot you up. If you can do this we should continue to have a nice working relationship; I would hate to fall out with you so close to the moment when we seal you in your coffin for the nice long rest that you deserve.



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