Monday, 11 October 2010


I actually meant to post this sooner but I forgot. This is my entry for assignment 2. The whole idea was to create a comic book cover and since I suck in photoshop and don't really read comics all that much I opted to give it more of a manga edge instead. I kinda' got a bit too into it though and made a spine and a back too but it's only the cover which is being judged.

Still I'm actually kind of worried about the competition. It's a great idea but the lack of interest is actually really getting on my nerves. Assignment 1 had a really poor turnout and assignment 2 is even worse. We've had more than long enough already to do this assignment and I made damn sure to get mine up before I went away purposely to avoid holding anything up yet only two other people have submitted their entries so far.

It doesn't take much effort to just pop in and say that you're having time issues, especially when the deadline was a fairly long one to begin with. *sigh*

I suppose that comes across as horribly bitchy but whatever. Why bother entering a competition if you can't make time for it or show an interest?


awesome_phoebe said...

Nice entry ;)

And I agree.. People sign up for stuff and just leave it. I just started a comp. I got about 10 people signing up. The assignment is due today, I've had a few enter there entries, I few saying they are having a few issues and will get it in soon. But then I have 3 people that haven't even checked in. I know by the end of like assignment 5 it's going to be the final.


Darkslayer said...

I've seen plenty of competitions that have never held an elimination because someone dropped out. It's kind of annoying.

I mean if RL is a bitch then fair enough y'know? You can't predict what's going to happen but I think some people just sign up and then lose interest but they don't even have the common courtesy to admit they've lost interest or hell, lie XD

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