Thursday, 14 October 2010


So I'm considering taking the plunge and finally dying over my dull brown hair. My colour of choice is a rather vivid yet dark shade of purple. I'm hoping this turns out OK. My last hair dye experienced involved myself, my mum and some sort of 'colour remover' that she INSISTED would only strip out the dye (red).

Of course I ended up with white roots, blond and then GINGER. It was not a pretty sight.

Fortunately it was the school holidays and I got it dyed over by a professional. I knew I shouldn't have listened to her XDDD

Provided it turns out OK I'll post a pic or something.

I am wondering if I should ask my boss though... does that sound kind of pathetic? There's a woman who has plugs (which look so cool!) and bright red hair but I'm actually on reception so.... yeah.

(but it really would be pathetic to actually ask him - especially when he has more important crap on his mind than the colour of my hair XD)


VintageLydia said...

Wouldn't be a bad idea just to get an OK by him. I was never able to dye my hair bright colors. Since I'm job searching, I STILL can't, but I was able to do the purple-y auburn colors. Just natural enough to be within dress code :) Good luck! Also, get a professional to do it, if you can!

Chicago said...

The color sounds beautiful and I can't wait to see how it turns out..hopefully nothing like the end results of your mother.

I think you should do a "Hypothetically" run by the boss.

cupcake said...

Go for it! Just run it by your boss first since as you said you do work in reception.

I'm actually at ends at what I should dye my hair (its been every color of the rainbow) I'm just so tired of dark brown.

Darkslayer said...

I decided not to ask him. He seemed pretty busy today and I didn't want to disturb him. It'll be OK. The dye has actually come out pretty black and has a purple tint visible in the light so it shouldn't cause any problems.

@Cupcake: I know what you mean. My natural colour is a mousy brown and I got so sick of it.

There's going to be one hell of a reaction come Monday XD (hopefully just from my co-workers and not from my face XD)

CelSera said...

That sounds cool, DS! I don't think I've ever met as many people who have dyed their hair 'rainbow' colors as I've met in the Sims community, no foolin'. I'd look like a troll doll on crack if I did it!

Looking forward to pics! (and stories about your boss & coworkers' reactions!)

Darkslayer said...

It'll be hilarious. I'm expecting them either not to notice (they're guys after all) or be all 'OMG what have you done to your hair! lol!'

I realized that I can't upload a picture. Due to myself being made of fail I lost my USB cable at my friend's house when I went down there last week. - it's the Cyber Purple one :D

Darkslayer said...

...aaand crap that link didn't work.

It's Live XXL Cyber Purple. Fail Blogger. Fail XD

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