Thursday, 14 October 2010


So I need a new computer. This was pretty established when it randomly went kaput about a month or so ago. The trouble is that the one I have my eye on is around £600 and I don't have that kind of money to fritter around.

I'm hoping to be able to afford it in November but blah, waiting sucks XD

Due to the faillings of my computer (the fan right now sounds like it's gasping for its last breath - poor ol' girl) and the fact that sooner or later I will be getting a new one I haven't really had the motivation to play TS3.

I don't want to get too invested in my neighbourhood only to lose it when I get a new machine. I know I could just back it up but... a part of me wants to start afresh. It means I won't have half the CC crap that I downloaded on a whim and never used but can't be arsed to get rid of.

I may still build a few things here and there and I'll continue with the modelling competition (which reminds me I need to upload Reno to the exchange; I'm not sure if I did already. Don't wanna' be losing him XD)


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