Sunday, 7 November 2010


So I finally got around to watching Walking Dead on FX. I meant to watch it on Friday but I forgot all about it because I was playing Fable 3.

I'm liking it so far. The Zombies definately look good although so far it has been somewhat predictable (really; your mother became a zombie and is walking around out there. Huh. Didn't see that coming) and other things I'll leave unmentioned for the sake of spoilers.

However; is it just me or is the main character REALLY stupid. I mean seriously; so far the smartest thing he has done would be to take a horse rather than the pickup truck. Cities have higher populations than the countryside so logically there would be far greater numbers and come on! You're in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse, you have already established that you are pretty fucked right now so after being told that loud noises attract them what do you do? Stop for fuckin' gas and SHOUT OUT repeatedly before realizing that the occupants are long dead and sitting on the stoop a good distance away from the guns that are your only source of protection.

Seriously. I hope this is because he's still in shock at the moment because if not this guy must be protected by the unspoken immortality rule of being a main character.

Fortunately from the trailers I've seen he's not the only character in this so hopefully someone will be able to balance out how bloody stupid he is. Shame really that he left that other guy behind really.

Edit: I'm sure no one will do this but please don't spoil me. I live in the UK so only the 1st episode has aired here so far :D


Pistolkitten said...

He does get better, I watched the second episode tonight. Though I demand more child zombies!!

Darkslayer said...

Heh. Child zombies sound epic.

I'm glad he does get better. I did like the first episode but his stupidity was getting on my nerves XD

Then again I'd be totally useless in a Zombie apocyalypse.

Chicago said...

I watched the show with my bf. I did find it entertaining, but other moments where like "Duh!" and "huh? Are you serious?" I didnt see the first episode, but I saw the 2nd one.

Pistolkitten said...

Hahaha I was screaming at the TV
''Why are you going into a big city? Are you a moron? I hope they eat your face! YOUR FACE!''

Darkslayer said...

Ha ha! I wonder if he's really that dense in the comic book though. Ahh well. Looking forward to Episode 2!

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