Saturday, 16 October 2010


Well despite my earlier comments I got the urge to play TS3 for a little while. I have been attempting to load my game since about 8pm. It is now 9:46pm. It seems to have frozen in one place even though the little fun facts are still changing.

Maybe it's a sign.

Stupid game ¬¬

...Sod it. I'm going back to Persona 3.


Chicago said...

Have you checked for any out dated mods? Perhaps the save file you're loading is .bad? Any bad cc that managed to sneak pass you?

Pictures of you're hair soon! I was at the store recently and I saw a woman with her hair purple..but it was so vibrantly dark (if that makes any sense) It was beautiful. So I cant wait to see yours

Chicago said...

Oh love the new look ^.^

Darkslayer said...


From the sounds of it mine is similar to hers. I can't upload a picture at the moment because I lost my USB cable ^_^;

I haven't downloaded any CC recently and I haven't patched my game for some time plus I was actually trying to load a brand new neighbourhood to start building in so it's not a corrupt save as far as I know. It's probably just being tempremental.

If it comes to it I'll just remove all my CC and just concentrate on building. I don't want to do too much to my game before I get a new computer because I'll have to do it all over again

Thanks! I suck at code so I just used a default one. I love the rain effect ^^

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