Thursday, 21 October 2010


It's been a while since I last created a sim and I've found that I'm a little bit rusty. So far the only thing that is 90% certain is his face; I'm pretty sure I'll keep his clothes as they are but the colours might change.

His name is Vincent; I haven't thought of a surname for him yet but that will come in time. He lives on his own in a drab one-room apartment in the seedy part of town, is unemployed and makes a living out of participating in street-fighting events... admittedly he looks a bit too nice for that kind of thing ^_^;

I finally figured out what was messing up my game. The latest store set that I downloaded from MATY didn't seem to like my game. I may have just downloaded a corrupt version or it could be because I'm not patched. I'm not sure and to be honest since I'm intending to get a new computer next month I can't be arsed to fiddle around with it that much anyway.

Edit: Blah. All of my sims are starting to look alike. I don't know how to rectify this.


CelSera said...

I loooooove him! ^_^ He would look so cute with one of my anime-inspired sims (I never got around to making any males o_O)!

Darkslayer said...

I'm glad you like him. I've uploaded him a post or so above.

Most of my sims are anime-inspired. I've been watching one lately that seems to focus on street brawls. It's given me inspiration I've been so sorely lacking lately.

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