Monday, 14 February 2011

VTM: The Warrens...

I don't want to go to the Warrens! :(

I've seen two Lets Plays of this game and I know damn well that the Warrens is not a place I want to go to because it has those fucking creepy-as-hell head/vagina monsters. They scare the shit out of me!

Ocean house I surprisingly didn't find scary despite what other people have said... but ugh those monsters...


...I'm tempted to cheat and use invisibility so they can't see me. At least that way they shouldn't lunge out at me like ravaging lunatics. I could see if Obfuscate will work but the trouble is that the Warrens is stupidly long (think of the dreaded 'sewer' level from many RPGs - that's the Warrens) and being underground there's no source of blood besides rats, so I'd just end up prompting an extremely unwanted Frenzy if I tried and I still wouldn't be able to hide from them all the time anyway.

I swear if the Nosferatu weren't so cool (and if it wasn't a main plotline requirement) I would so not bother with this bit ¬¬


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