Thursday, 10 February 2011


I've trashed my town and started again. I'm not quite sure why but I just got very bored with it. Actually it's rather typical of me, but I want to see a mass building project through damnit!

The trouble is, when I leave a town for so long, I start to lose my connection with it and the inspiration I had, so when I finally do go back to it, I can't build anything anyway.

So this is my new town. I've built an apartment so far (inside one of the EA shells) and then the idea struck me of a little, hidden away nightspot situated in a rough area of town on an empty lot.

...and so the club I have not yet christened with a name is born XD.

I may have gotten carried away with the blue. Ahh well. Actually there was something I was wondering; is there any way of sampling the strobe lights etc WITHOUT having to take a sim there? I ask because I don't want to move anybody in yet but I would like to see how the effects look. Plus it's a pain in the ass to drag a sim down there only to realize the effects you envisioned just didn't happen.

Tch, this is why EA should let us modify community lots while our sims are there :/

Edit: I'm thinking of using the exterior for my Battle of the Bands shoot. I'm not sure yet though. Right now I'm still trying to work my head around potentially controlling more than 8 sims. I know I can rig up that many sims with the awesomemod but whether I'm being too ambitious remains to be said... I could just green-screen a bunch of sims and edit them in but then I'd have to faff around with resizing, shadows etc and I've never done shadows before.


Aussie Karima said...

~ I love the club, & I usually go with a set colour when building,as for the strobes,in build they are static,so the only way to test is with a Sim,when was it ever meant to be easy????
~ Keep building,maybe you may stick to this,& surprise yourself with a fantastic finished Hood!(",)

CelSera said...

Niiiice - it reminds me of dives we used to frequent in college ^_^ Lol I'll have to tell you some stories when you get older ;D j/k

And if you decide to go with more than 8 sims in your shot, I think it'll look awesome. It's pretty doggone challenging -- the most I've done with TS3 in one shot is 13, and they were all doing *something*. Talk about a headache...gah...but it made for a decent picture!

*not sure about the stobe lights sampling. it sure would make things easier for pictures though o_O * Good luck DS!

Thea said...

Club looks great! You could always try the Build/Buy on the lot with testingcheatsenabled true on. That lets me add/move things on community lots while my sims are there.

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