Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Next time, y'know just to be a little different why don't you give us a patch that actually fixes something that is bloody IMPORTANT!?

Two things. Two. You've got to be fucking kidding me.

I've got Nraa's Overwatch Mod dealing with the overspawnage of cars that YOU caused for a second time.

I have to tolerate hours of jerky gameplay due to a freezing glitch that is caused by YOU (fortunately unlike a lot of users, this problem for me fixes itself eventually, but it's a pain to play until it does since it freezes every few seconds)

My sims are constantly pissed off due to a bugged moodlet that is caused by YOU

...and all you can offer me in exange for ponying up FUCK knows how much money over the years (I've been buying Sims games since the original basegame so I highly expect to have ploughed at least £500 into the series as a whole) is a lousy patch that fixes two issues that I have NEVER seen anyone complain about on the forum!?

What kind of jacked up world do you bloody live in EA? Really! I would honestly like to know so I can enlighten your deluded minds to the REAL world.

Keep pissing on your customers EA and soon you won't have any of them left.


chellexmarie said...

That was my exact response. I yelled at the computer lol. >_< I had seriously never even heard of either of the bugs that it fixed.

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