Thursday, 17 February 2011


I made a post almost two weeks ago about my epic boots of epic... well they still haven't arrived ¬¬

I've ordered them again from another site and I'm going to contact my credit card company this weekend and get them to refund me my money. I think there has been some kind of admin error. I got my dispatch e-mail but it's been 10 days, should've only taken 5 at the most and on top of that the site is no longer listing that shoe in my size so... chances of recieving them are slim to none since I actually doubt they've just gone AWOL in the post. Ugh - first and last time I'll be using that website I'll tell you, I don't drop £150 on shoes lightly.

Funnily enough I wouldn't have used them in the first place had I realized that my usual haunt (a website called Kinky Angel which is brilliant for punk/rock attire) sold New Rock and at a much cheaper price. Go figure.


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