Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Lately I've been feeling somewhat torn. I've been getting an overwhelming urge to play TS2. There is just something very lacking in TS3 and that is becoming more and more apparent as I go back to actually playing the game as opposed to just messing about on it. There's no warmth in TS3 IMO, all the neat little quirks and whatnot found in TS2 just aren't there in TS3. If Generations can add to that then I may well decide to get it although I still have a feeling EA are going to half-ass it as always.

The downside of going back to TS2 isn't the loading screens as such, I'm used to waiting to play games since pretty much everything wants to install itself onto my PS3 before I can use it (¬¬) but I think I'll really miss the Create a Style and the graphics. Oh sure EA's sims look like pudding and I want to just lock them up and burn them to get their disgusting pudding heads out of my damn town... but the game is gorgeous. It's just a shame that EA totally missed the mark with everything else and took out what made The Sims truly great.

I don't know. Maybe I'll run both games; shouldn't stress the computer out to do that. I'll have to find my disks though. Or maybe I won't bother *shrug* I've just been getting the urge lately.

LOL maybe I just miss having proper apartments (and damn, I do miss them XD)

...yeah this post was pointless XD


Pistolkitten said...

Might as well play both if your computer can handle it!!!
I've started playing another game so I don't get bored with the Sims 3 hehe, I probably do more picture taking and stuff rather than actually playing the game though >.<

Darkslayer said...

I'm the same at the moment but I really want to just play the game. Unfortunately the town I'm re-building isn't ready for that. I've moved in a couple of sims and so has SP when I haven't been looking but other than that it's a ghost town XD

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